Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pretend City's New Exhibit Open For Summer

We Love +Pretend City Children's Museum !

Did you know that the new exhibit is now open? What new exhibit? The Heart and Seoul, Growing up in Korea traveling exhibit.

We attended the media preview and returned for the Grand Opening because we couldn't get enough of the fun and education. I like to call it Edufun.

We started out by learning about the Sponsor of the exhibit, +nongshimusa and the unique way they manufacture Korean style noodles and more, right here in SoCal. I can't wait ot visit their factory for a tour.

They are very proud of the way they make, prepare, cook, dry and package their noodles, and they taste great!

We were introduced to Bianca, the very sweet, PR for Pretend City. She put the event on for both days and with the help of her whole team, did an amazing job. She told us a bit about what we would see in the new Exhibit and what some of the traditional Korean foods, lifestyle and culture was like. She was dressed in the most colorful and beautiful Hanbok (traditional Korean attire for women).

We tried an assortment of Korean foods. I tried KimChi (a spicy pickled cabbage) for the first time and I liked it. I also tried these dried and salted baby tiny fish.. not bad, I'd eat them again! I love trying new and cultural foods. When in Rome.. or in this case Korea....DO IT lol.

After our educational lunch we headed into the exhibit. Walking in, you get a sense of how life in Korea was and is now. Upon entry we were greeted with many in the traditional Hanbok and even wedding dress. Everything was just beautiful.

I was even able to put one on! Its comfortable and very pretty.

Once we started to look deeper into the exhibit we found some pretty amazing things to do and learn.
There was my favorite... the wish tube that resembles the event that is held during the Kite Festival. You write your name on a piece of paper with your date of birth and let it go up the tube... if it gets stuck it is said that your bad health and negative things go away! I like it! I did it! Mine got stuck! Here is to faith! See my video on it HERE .

Another favorite of ours, we learned that when you enter a Korean house it's a sign of respect to take your shoes off and put on house shoes. Clean white shoes. Another place where Korean families always wear a type of shoe is when exiting the shower. Most have flip flops or sandals on the outside since the washroom is one large room that there is one drain in the middle and it gets wet and kind of messy.

Did you know that during dinner there is a lot etiquette going on? The elders deserve and get so much respect that everyone younger will eat slower, finish after, and not leave until, the elders are ready. Talk about family values and dedication to those who gave you the opportunities you have. Love it!
From music to food and the everyday culture, the exhibit really captures a very detailed snap shot of Life in Korea!
Did you Know there is no 4th Floor.
 It sounds a lot like "Death" so it is an "F" instead.
Korean Version of Boy Bands and More Competing for Stardom!

I really enjoyed every moment of it. I couldn't leave with out trying my hand at writing in water on the black boards they have set up. Its pretty cool... like me "MOM".

On my way out I noticed that there was a chance to grab a snip it of making an actual animated short snip of a movie with toys, wow the technology that is something out children need to and should be learning is right there! Check out my Periscope live feed HERE .


It was an awesome day... but wait there's more! We returned for day 2 - the Grand Opening!

Day two cause we just cant get enough!

We are back and by we I mean both kids and I...

My daughter really wanted to thank Bianca for the goodie bag and all the hard work. She also wanted to see her in her Hanbok. We chatted with her for a bit and then I let my kids loose. 

It was nice to see other parents doing the same. I mean after all, this is a place for kids to PRETEND PLAY! Sometimes that means getting a little wild, but what a better place to do so. 

Form the stage to rock out on to the grocery store to shop in and take back home to fill the refrigerator in the house set up, there is so much to do you could spend hours there. 
Gulp... I mean so I heard.. okay.. so we DID! Yes we were there from 11am to about 4pm. No we Could not get enough and when my babies are having a great time fishing and gardening, it makes me smile. 

Here are a few of the awesome fun things my kiddos were doing all day. Oh, I should mention that, we have been here multiple times but this time I just let the time goooooo wild... like my kids. 

A friend of ours, blogger and awesome dad, Oscar and his little girl were there and together we chatted about our families while we watched our kids play. Three kids aged 2 to 7 running the place like it was their backyard. It was great. 

I have to say that my 7yo equally love the pretend play that my 3yo does. I do not mean they play at the same level but they use the play and educational tools to their own learning levels. For example, my daughter who is 7 will ask my son who is 3 to shop for things and come to the check out counter at the "Ralphs" and she will do the pretend math to charge him a fee. He is interacting social and while she is doing the same, she is also counting money. Win.Win. 

After hours of all the fun my kids were not only exhausted but were so happy. I love days like this. Days where my son cooperated 90% of the time not 50% of the time. Where my daughter did not have to stop playing for hours because we needed to be somewhere. It was just us, in a place where kids are supposed to be KIDS doing what KIDS do. Dare I use the word it went "perfectly"... I should cause it did. 

Saying goodbye to friends for now we grabbed a Korean soup on the way out (they have them at the front for you to take and try - you can even heat them up in the back while the kids play for a snack) and we were off for home. A great day. 

My kids love every moment of the fun and education we experienced. I can not wait to bring them back. 

There is always an opportunity to check out something that Pretend City is doing. They have a calendar of events HERE !

This weekend they are having a Health and Wellness Fair with fun and check ups for the family. 

Have fun and live well everyone- Happy Almost Friday!

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We were invited to check out the Media day for Heart and Seoul, Growing up in Korea. All Opinions are my own. All photos are my own. 

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