Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Can I get some Pink in my Hair Mom?

PINK Streak by Morgan at The House Salon

"Can I get some pink in my hair, please mom?"

Yup, I heard those words...actually I've heard those words for over a year but for some reason I like to tell my kid that she can do most things she's asked for when she turns 8.

Help me, she turns 8 this year, and I've been saying this to her for 2 years now.

American Girl Doll - Not until you are at least 8 (I can't afford one anyways)
Get a new pet - Not until you are at least 8 (We already have enough in this house)
Put some pink in my hair - Not until you are at least 8 (She will be 8 in a few weeks)

So with my options limited and with her golden birthday coming up, I opted to agree to the PINK STREAK.

After having my own hair done with Morgan, at The House Salon, I decided to talk to her about a semi or not really permanent option. She was really cool about it and told me that Loreal has a product that will stain like chalk but eventually come out with washes unless re applied.
Here is the stuff! Its a liquid that is brushed on like liquid chalk and settles. As it settles you take the blow dryer to it and help it set. Apply three coats - more for brighter and less for softer color and you are done.

We did one streak for now and she is loving it!

Morgan was super cool about it too, she asked Zoe where she wanted to have the streak... kind of hidden or on top so its bold. Well, you know how that went, and top streak it is.

Thanks for the summer fun Morgan.

Zoe don't ask me for another thing for a while... oh wait it's her birthday in a few weeks. YIKES!


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