Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pretend Cafe with Pizza 900

Pretend City has a new Exhibit and we love it!

Pretend City is always changing it up to keep the kids learning and pretend playing with new fresh tools to keep their imaginations running wild.
I guess it's fair to say that my kids run wild with excitement there too.

On Friday we attended the grand opening of Pretend Cafe, a new exhibit at +Pretend City Children's Museum , that is a Pizzeria. Pretend Cafe features Pizza 900, a local premier Pizzeria.
Waiting for the Ribbon Cutting.
Ari, Chef, Creator, Owner, Pizza Master!
 At the Ribbon cutting the Owner and Chef, Ari, said something so perfect. He said "It's important to give back to our community and education is the way to go." I agree Ari!

Inside the Cafe the Pizzeria offers the ability to place an order, take an order, make a pizza, charge for, pay for and then sit down and eat the Pizza you created. It is really creative and a lot of fun. It was great to see my kids take my order, make my pizza and serve it to me. LOVE IT! 

Ari's Pizzeria, Pizza 900, is located in Laguna Hills, CA. Ari has over 40 of the most usual to decadent toppings. At the event I tried the BBQ Chicken and could have taken the whole Pie home with me, it was that good. He says he is proud to have the freshest and most natural high end health ingredients and I am totally fine with that...after all it is pizza and it is amazingly great.
I love that they WOOD FIRE your pizza. We will see you soon Ari, thank you Pretend City for the introduction to a new family favorite!

While we waited for the taste of Pizza 900 my kiddos did what they do best.... 


Hope you are all having a great summer! If you have a chance to get over to Pretend City, I'll take my pizza with fresh spinach please!
Have Fun,

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