Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Clown College was A SMASH

Come one come all the Clown College tough us all!

We sent mini contributor Ms. Ava and her mom in tow to the Circus Xtreme Clown College!

Their 5 favorite fyi's and don't miss activities-
*  3 types of clowns and you can tell by their face paint . White Face, Agoose and Character clowns 

* Ava's favs were face paint and costumes

* It is cool to learn about the training each member goes through for their part in the show

* The juggling and balancing feathers

* The smiles th ey all had teaching and learning the tricks of the trade at the Clown College

We hope to see the circus and clown college next year and see some of the try outs in the show! Good luck to all at the real Clown College!


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