Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Guardian Bikes Fall 2015

Have you heard of Guardian Bikes?! When you hear the brand name Guardian Bikes do you know what that is? I didn't either. I knew it had something to do with bikes but I was not sure what. I was invited to check them out this weekend and my family is super excited to see the new brand in action.

They will debut this Fall - 2015!
PC Guardian Bikes
I can not wait to find out more about the bikes they offer for my 3.5 yo who is sensory friendly and on the spectrum as well as for my 8yo who is super tall and basically looks like a 12yo.
PC Guardian Bikes
Guardian Bikes, I think my kids will have you thinking, we have met our match with these two.

Brace yourselves, we are coming to check out all the excitement and are ready to test out your bikes!
I do not know much about the brand yet, I will totally report back after the event. What I do know...

*We love the frame work of the bike. It looks like with the seat adjusted it would be comfortable for both boy and girl and the length would fit both tall and small.

*The colors are very eye catching so that they will not only be hip but stand out with bold colors on the street in my opinion.

*the ability to use a sizing chart

*the bike comes 99% assembled to your door WHAT?!

We can not wait to find out more about these bikes and we totally approve of the fun fact that they are a local California made brand. Go CA.  Get more info now and even pre-order your Guardian Bike here!

Can't wait to see what fun we have testing out some Guardian Bikes. Keep posted for our recap of the event.


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