Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pretend City September Fun is Here!

Looking for some ways to beat the Back to School Blues? Head over to +Pretend City Children's Museum for their September Fun!

Friday, September 11: Morning of Remembrance
Time:    11:00a.m.
Specifically for:  Children of all ages; Grown-ups
On this anniversary of 9/11, Pretend City will offer a way for your family to honor the lives that were lost and the community heroes who gave so much to our country. This is your opportunity to come together collectively with your community to memorialize this day in a meaningful way that will help your children understand the significance of the day.  This morning’s activities will feature a community art project and the reading of On That Day: A Book of Hope for Children.
Play Partner: Pretendgineers and Brainbuilders; our experienced stage staff of trained early childhood and child development educators, grown-ups
Grown-up Tip: Teaching compassion is a difficult task. Ask your child to draw and write a get well card to a child in the hospital. Go to the post office and send it off. Let your child know that the card will bring a smile to the face of another child. Compassion is an important element in social/emotional growth.
RSVP: Not required
Fee: Included with admission

Saturday, September 19: Pirate Party
Time:    11:00a.m. Lil’ Me Morning activity
                3:30p.m. Engaging Afternoon activity
Specifically for:  Children of all ages; Grown-ups
Visit Pretend City for a swashbuckling adventure to celebrate National Talk Like a Pirate Day. With special pirate themed story times taking place every hour and facilitated activities throughout the day! This will be a journey you won’t want to miss.
·         Smart Art: Pirate Play – Children will enjoy decorating a miniature pirate ship and creating their own pirateargh-ttire.
·         Let’s Move: Pirate Island Game – This “Hear! Think! Do!” activity will have children utilizing their listening skillscritical thinking skills, and motor skills. 
·         Growing Up Great Game: Pirate Rules – From pirate pets to pirate activities, your child will use their imagination and creativity to work together with others to write the rules on how to be a pirate.
·         Sensational Story Time: Pirates  They’re taking over our story times today! Join us throughout the day for hourly readings of fun pirate themed stories.
Play Partner: Pretendgineers and BrainBuilders; our experienced stage staff of trained early childhood and development educators.
Grown-up TipPirate stories such as, The Pirates Next Door, are fun and outrageous. It’s jokes and verses are more than just enjoyable, they teach about language and demonstrate the wonder of word play. This is one of the foundations of good writing and is a great way to encourage children to become avid readers.
RSVP: Not required
Fee: Included with museum admission; All guests who visit the museum dressed in their finest arrgh-ttire will receive 50% off of their general admission tickets.

Monday, September 21: Play in Peace Week Kick-Off
Time:    11:00a.m. Li’l Me Morning activity
                3:30p.m. Engaging Afternoon activity
Specifically for:  Children of all ages; Grown-ups
“Peace Day” is an opportunity for individuals, organizations, and nations to create practical acts of peace on a shared date. This year, Pretend City will kick-off this international “Peace Week” by offering a wide range of activities that will engage children in discovering the many dimensions of peace and peace building. The following activities will take place on Monday, September 21st.  National Peace Day. They are designed to involve children in exploring peace from a local to a global perspective.
·         Smart Art: Peaceful Creations – Take this opportunity to share the peace symbol with your children and talk to them about what peace means to them.
·         Sensational Story Time: Can You Say Peace?  This story will have you and your child yearning for peace everywhere and all the time! Your little one will even learn some new words.
·         Symbols in a Second: A Moment of Peace  Join us for a traditional moment of silence that is celebrated at 12:00p.m. to send a Peace Wave around the world.
·         Let’s Move: Peace of Mind Practice – Take part with your family as we peaceful Yoga poses that will encourage them to find peace from the inside out. 
In honor of Peace Week at Pretend City we are offering a special 50% off discount after 2:00p.m. for all guests who want to practice playing in peace!
Play Partner: Pretendgineers and BrainBuilders; our experienced stage staff of trained early childhood and development educators.
Grown-up TipPeacemaking is about relationships. Cooperative games are a way to practice the skills of relationships—skills such as communication, trust, problem solving, empathy, and cooperation—in a way that is fun, engaging, and real. Check out our Play Pinterest board for some fun ideas!
RSVP: Not required
Fee: Included with museum admission; Tuesday, September 22  Friday, September 25 all guests will receive 50% off of general admission after 2:00p.m. in honor of Peace Week!

Wednesday, September 23: Country Fall Festival
Time:    Activities Throughout the Day
Specifically for:  Children of all ages; Grown-ups
The leaves are turning red, brown, and orange which means it’s time for a Country Fall Festival! Today, all of our little partners need to grab their gear and head on over to the Hoedown! No country festival is complete without fun games, activities, and music. We’ll have just that and more including:
·         Smart Art: Wild Wild West – This community art project will have your children envisioning a time from the past where cowboys, horse drawn carriages and cacti were the sights around town.
·         Let’s Move: Giddyup and Go – Join us as we race through the city, cowboy style!
·         Family Fitness Fun: Line em Up - Get ready to dance! Children will enjoy learning how to line dance to fun country songs throughout the day.
·         Growing Up Great Games: Sheriffs Badge – Complete all of our Cowboy challenges including the sarsaparilla shoot out and lasso toss to get a special, five-pointed prize.
·         Sensational Story Time: Cowboys and Cowgirls: Yippee Yay! This book describes all the excitement of the adventures of the Wild West!
Play Partner: Pretendgineers and BrainBuilders; our experienced stage staff of trained early childhood and development educators.
Grown-up Tip: Make a leaf book with your child. Repeat the simple sentence “My leaf is a __ leaf.” Change the leaf color on each page. Have your child draw that colored leaf on the page. Take it a step further by going on a nature hike and finding the colored leaves to glue into the book.
RSVP: Not required
Fee: Included with museum admission

Saturday, September 26: Celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day!
Time:    Activities throughout the Day
Specifically for:  Children of all ages; Grown-ups
Johnny Appleseed was a famous American figure who is best known for his planting of apple trees throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. Today, we commemorate his actions with fun stories and activities based on him and his trademark symbol – the apple! Join us for:
·         Smart Art: Apples, Apples Everywhere - Todays art studio activities are all apple trees and apple themed. Pick your favorite and get creative!
·         Sensational Story Time: Johnny Appleseed – Read with us the beloved story of the apple man! Children will delight in making their own signature apple man “hat”.
·         Simple Science: From Farm to Table – This activity will teach children about the life cycle of the apple.
·         Math Matters: Apples of Every Color – Joins us as we taste a variety of apples and vote for our favorite one.
Grown-up Tip Celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day at home by making mini-apple pies! Kick-it up a notch by telling funny apple jokes while you are cooking like these: What kind of apple isn’t an apple? A pineapple! Or Why did the apple cry? It’s peelings were hurt.
RSVP: Not required
Fee: Included with museum admission

Fall is right around the corner so enjoy the heat while we have it and welcome the rain when we get it! We need rain!

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