Friday, September 18, 2015

Baby Safety Month

September is Baby Safety Month!

I know that September is pediatric Cancer month, but until recently I was not aware it was also baby safety month. 

While I wish that everyone month was awareness for so many things we need to be aware of, this one hit close to home. NOT because I or anyone I know has ever hurt their baby but because it saddens me whole hearted to think that the reality not all babies are safe. 

I struggled very much to get through the pregnancies of my babies. It was horrible, Almost killing me the second time around. I am left with many underlying issues from my pregnancies, so horrible that I am still dealing with issues 3 years later. 

Why am I telling you this personal stuff? I am sharing my struggle with pregnancy so that I can put into words how horrible I had it, how the non stop vomiting and pain wouldn't go away, how I was so weak that the exam for the pic line basically put me into labor at 32 weeks, how I felt like I was hurting my baby and myself with out being in control of anything at all and contracting while vomiting from 12 weeks into labor and my friends... HOW I WOULD DO EVERY MOMENT OF IT ALL OVER AGAIN!

The bond that I made with the struggle to bring my baby into this world is priceless. The gift I was given to hold, love and cherish is beyond gratifying and washes all that fear and pain away. 

This friends, is why I have to do my part to spread the word about Baby Safety Month. It takes so MUCH to get these beautiful little humans into this world and so little to just ruin it. 

The simple moment of anger and a mother may lose control, the frustrations of new baby and a new child care provider may not have the same patience and the father who dropped the baby off... baby safety or lack there of is all around us. 

I wanted to help Moms of Orange County spread the word of baby safety month. Did you know they are advocating education for baby safety. This month they are stressing the importance of education to help avoid Shaken Baby Syndrome. 

According to the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome, SBS is the leading cause of death is abusive head trauma cases for children. Between 1,200 and 1,400 children are injured or killed by shaking yearly in the USA. 

Education is key and Moms of OC is here to help. Head over to their site for all the info on support, help and education. 

I am very glad there are such great advocates for baby safety. I struggled so much to have my babies, sometimes we just don't understand how someone could do this to them, but it happens. 

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