Sunday, September 20, 2015

New Art for Universal Studios Harry Potter's Wizadring World

Who loves Harry Potter? We do, we do!

We have been fans of Scary Potter (as my daughter used to call it since she's was 4) for years.

When we heard that Harry Potter's whole world of wizardry was coming to Universal we just about freaked out!

We are a Potter family. We love the books and the movies and we know we will be in love with Hogwarts and everything Harry Potter at Universal. 

I just got an update that there is NEW ART that was released to show the spirit of this dynamic new magical environment in the picture of a wand-wielding Harry Potter in the foreground with a snowcapped Hogsmade village and view of Hogwarts in the background! 

PC Universal Studios Hollywood

I can NOT wait to see this and watch my kids be floored with amazement.

For more details keep an eye out on my blog, as I get the updates, I will be posting. 

Also you can check out the World of Harry directly on Universal's site HERE!

We can not wait to check everything about this out - Scary Potter, I mean Harry Potter we will see you soon!

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