Friday, September 18, 2015

Sharky's Aliso Viejo, Where Fresh is Best!

I attended a tasting at Sharky's in Aliso Viejo last week and it was so fresh and filling, I can not wait to bring my whole family back for more. 
I am glad to see that this place is still around and still growing. From it's beginning in 1992 founder, Steve Paperno, has kept his vision alive with real good food that makes you "Feel Good About Eating".

New this year Sharky's is refreshing it's look and menu but keeping their tradition of organic, natural flavors of Mexico. 

When you order at Sharky's, everything is made to order and hand crafted. They offer everything from burritos, tacos to stone fired pizzas, salads, nachos and much more. Committed to serving the highest quality ingredients and freshest meals, Sharky's has kept true to its high standards. 

I was having such a hard time trying to figure out what to order. I knew I wanted to try their original steak taco, a tempura shrimp taco and a salmon taco all a la cart but those salads looked so delish, I just had to do it and ordered the Harvest Quinoa vegetarian salad. 

My meal was amazing! The steak was tender, well seasoned and cooked perfectly. The salmon taco was amazing and had just the right amount of char on it. My favorite taco, the tempura shrimp taco was so good, I would have sat and eaten 5 of them if I was not ready to dive into my salad.
Layered Enchiladas
I have to describe this fresh and filling salad to you.

I looked at it and almost did not want to eat it because of how beautiful it was. Bright red strawberries on top of organic red and white quinoa with organic baby greens that were tossed with apples, dried cranberries, raisins, pecans, almonds, goat cheese, chia & flax seeds and a sweet lemon vinaigrette! My favorite salad so far that I have ever eaten out and not made at home!

The food was filling yet I did not feel over stuffed or gross. I walked away loving what I ate and how it tasted. My body did not want to crawl onto the couch and just sit, but I felt like the food was not weight me back after the meal. 

While the food was just amazing, the drinks that they are now offering are just the freshest and most tasty and pair so well with their menu.
As they update locations and build new ones, Sharky's us also going to update and add to their drink menu featuring, 6 lemonades, 5 teas, wine by the glass, Sangria and craft beer. Can not wait for these options to come to their CA locations in the future!

I tried the Watermelon Basil, Hibiscus Ginger Green Tea and the Hibiscus Lemonade and loved them all. With my meal I had a Chocolate inspired Ale from +Backstreet Brewery that went perfectly with my tacos for sure. 
I really like that they support local everything from the tortillas to the beer everyone around is teaming up to bring the best to Sharky's! 

A few things that I loved to learn about Sharky's:
* Their all natural Chicken contains no added preservatives, hormones or phosphates.
* Their all natural Angus Steak is antibiotic free with no added hormones. 
* They serve Wild Caught Alaska Salmon and it is MSC Certified. Their other While Caught white fish selections are always sustainable and help maintain healthy oceans. 
* Corn is GMO Free
* Organic Black and Pinto Beans are made with out lard and they offer organic Whole Grain Brown Rice and organic Long Grain White Rice. 
* They Use organic baby greens, baby spinach, baby kale and Romaine lettuce in salads
* Their cheeses and sour cream are both rBGH Free

They offer meals for everyone's preference. Explore their vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, lower fat, lower calorie, lower carb alternatives with Power Plates!

I also love that they have an option to order on line, hello time saver and yes please!

You can follow Sharky's on their social media too! Facebook  -  Instagram  -  Twitter 

See you soon Sharky's!

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*All opinions are my own, I was invited to attend a tasting.*

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