Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kidz Bop Holiday Music is in our Home! Gift Guide

Are you ready for the sweet sounds of the Holidays with the Kidz Bop Kids!?

We can not get enough of Kidz Bop music and fun. There is NO hiding the love we have for the music they put out and the memories we get to make as a family rocking out to the songs all over the place. 

My Kid blogger OnTheGoOCKid was given the Kidz Bop Christmas CD to review. 

I can not say that it is too early 'cause in this house we love to celebrate so the earlier the better. Plus I was able to tell her that sharing what she thinks about the Christmas music with help other families decide on appropriate Holiday music for their kids too rock out to as well. 

There are 14 favorites for all of us to enjoy! I actually love all the songs on the CD. My daughter of course raves about each and every title on the CD but she does have her top favs. 

She says these three songs showcase the singers and the music makes her want to dance and sing along with snow all around. Oh help me... I guess we will be headed to the SNOW this year and with our Kidz Bop CD's in tow!

OnTheGoOC's top 3 - she could repeat these three ALL.DAY.LONG.

* All I want for Christmas is You - she said it's like a friend you have not see in forever or a loved one that comes home... oh my baby - love her!

* Santa Claus is Coming to Town - an oldie but a super goodie this one just makes you want to get on your feet and jump around singing.... and we do! 

* Winter Wonderland - Who doesn't love this one!

What I love most about this is that I as the parent can enjoy these tunes with my kids and really love the time were rocking out together. It's the little things that I hold closest - like my mom singing Christmas songs with me. 

I would totally suggest hooking your kiddos up with this CD pre Holidays so that you can all enjoy the festivities the music brings up tot he day and after too!

If your a super fan of Kidz Bop like we are you should also check out the fun apparel and more they have on sale at their site. Get started on your Holiday shopping now and stock up on the goodies while they are available. You can see all the available items and purchase HERE

Oh don't forget that +KIDZ BOP is relesed their newest CD #KidzBop30 two weeks ago! Get that HERE!

Thanks Kidz Bop for helping us sing along with jam out to and dance away with such awesome music. Can not wait for our next concert!
OnTheGoOC & OnTheGoOCKid

Catch the KIDZ BOP Kids On Tour All Year Long

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