Monday, October 26, 2015

Meet & Greet Questions for the Peanuts Gang - Peanuts Movie in Theaters Nov 6th

The Peanuts Movie is coming to Theater's November 6th!

We are so excited for the +The Peanuts Movie !! 
PC Peanuts Movie
With the moving coming out On November 6th - there is a lot of prepping to do. We will have to make sure we re watch "Charlie Brown and the great Pumpkin" and a few others before the 6th. 

I have a special spot for Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang in my heart. It was always tradition for my parents to take us to Knott's, Camp Snoopy, to see the friends and get our big hugs on! 

We were privileged enough to be invited to a meet and greet with the Characters, some of the writers and creators of the Movie itself On Halloween at Knott's Berry Farm inside of Camp Snoopy on Halloween! We can not wait to get there and meet these awesome folks that have been bringing the Peanuts to us for generations and for more to come. 

We have our list of questions ready - I mean it's a new movie coming out so there are a lot of questions going around our house about the plot, the characters and more. 

* Will Lucy dupe Charlie Brown into missing the football, again?!

* Is Lucy still chasing love down from Charlie Brown?!

* What was the best part about playing the character each of the actors got to play?

* What was your favorite part of the movie? (directed at the voices of)

* How many hours did it take to create the movie form start to finish. Voices to editing for screen ready?!

* Are there any hidden secret hints or things we should look out for in the movie for future buzz?

* Will Charlie Brown ever end up with the little Red Haired Girl!?

These are just a few that the kids and I came up with the last few weeks while we patiently wait to interview the Peanuts Movie Team!

See the Movie trailer HERE! and have a little fun with the Peanuts Gang and get Peanutized HERE!

PC Peanuts Movie
So excited and grateful, is it Halloween Yet?!

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