Monday, November 23, 2015

My Kids Top 5 Must Do's at the Queen Mary CHILL!

We had a BLAST at CHILL !

Okay seriously QUEEN MARY CHILL was amazing. 

I was so excited to take my kids for so many reasons but the expectation was so beat by the reality of the actual experience. 
I am so sad for ONLY one thing, my husband had to work and missed it. WHY? There was so many FIRSTS for my kids at CHILL, I kind of wish I cold re-live it with him there so he too could see why my heart is so full!

I should start by saying that I was able to take the kids and experience everything on behalf of CHILL. In all honesty it was amazing. 

My Kids top 5 favs and must do's:

* ICE SKATING - Special to me in many ways. My daughter went out on her own on the ice for the firs time and loved it. My son, who is on the spectrum does NOT like to do certain things. I was so excited and almost cried a little when I heard him say, "I skate too mama..." THIS WAS A FIRST!! Score!
I immediately got his skates on and a dear friend helped take him around until I got on the ice, he did not want to exit the rink. CHILL has plenty of dolphins to assist in the skating for anyone who needs it. There are specific times of skating so catch it early in the time slot for the fullest time of fun. Makes it much easier for my kiddo to maintain his sensory overload. Lockers available, cool, huh!
Ice Skating with a little helper!
* Walking on board the Queen Mary - CHILL tickets come with entry to the Queen Mary and it is well worth it to save a little time a the end of your evening to unwind walking on board and enjoying some of the historic facts. Make sure to catch a view of CHILL in it's entirety on level 2 or 4 of the boat on the right side and a view of the whole city of Long Beach and it's skyline from the left side. 

There are also "Quiet Areas" of the boat and they are labeled. This made is easy for me to know where to take the kids. Zoe is super quiet but Mikey not so much. Super Autism helper there!

* Polar Express 4D - BOTH of my kids enjoyed every moment of this 4D experience. It was very interactive and the 15 mins were a good representation of the movie and what the Polar Express is all about. It was special for me since my mom used to read the book to me, it was one of her favs and is now one of our traditions. Zoe has seen the movie and read the book and loved the snipit. Mikey has done neither and loved the 4D experience...again super fun for the sensory seeking.
He left the glasses on!!!!
* Largest Rocking Horse EVER - At first I was not sure that my son would get on this but the moment he saw his sister start climbing he too decided it was going to be fun. They rocked back and forth by hand and totally in control the whole time. They loved it and laughed the whole time. 

* Ice Kingdom - Once again BOTH kids were able to enjoy this completely. I was skeptical on how Mikey would do on the ice tubing since it is singe rider, He did amazing! He was not the best listener but the staff, just as they were all night, was patient and kind, helping him make it down. Zoe was fast to get down and in line to do it again since you can go as many times as you want to!
 Inside the Ice Kingdom you HAVE TO dress up in a parka - it is below 9 degrees and totally CHILLED over! The three of us loved the story of a Christmas Carol. Mikey looked a tad bit cold, a staff member noticed, he came over and gave Mikey a hand warmer and turned to Zoe to give her one too, the kids were so grateful and that was so awesome! Thank you CHILL staff guy who was super kind!

Overall the noise level and the crowd was perfect for Mikey and Zoe and that helped me enjoy it all as well. 

Oh also, for a little action break to thaw out after the Ice Kingdom...There is also Paintball that is super fun for all ages! We got there a tad bit too late since we got caught up enjoying the live music and spending some extra time on the boat but will try it if we go back with the hubs!

What to make sure you check some extra fun for all:

* Santa - His house is cozy and sweet and waiting to give a treat. 

* Gingerbread House Making - We were not able to do this but if we return we will totally make one together. They were not quite ready for us and we returned too late in the evening. 

* Variety of Foods too from Chicken, Brats to sweet treats too!
Fresh and Good 
* Ice Bar - this one isn't for ALL but is for adults. NOT to be missed, it is inside the Ice Kingdom. Walk into a fully ICED over BAR and enjoy a drink for as long as you can take the CHILL! Loved it.
Santa came in  as the Christmas Tree light up - this of course was after Sky Divers made their appearance right in front of our faces! Seriously the best Tree Lighting I have seen!

Thank you to the Queen Mary and CHILL for such a wonderful time full of many first for my kids! 

Right now you can still get discounts for CHILL - Use code BLACKFRIDAY for 50% off tickets on select nights NOW!

Any questions on any specifics? Just let me know and I will let you know how it went for me, mom of 2, one on and one off the autism spectrum. It was perfect for all of us and we were all able to have the best night kicking off winter fun in SoCal. 

**HOT TIP** - We thought we would need to bring up the Fast Lane pass... I would check it out and see on the timing that you go the crowds as well. If it gets too much, check it out at that time. We did not need it and we went opening night! There is so much to do and so much space for everyone to do it in.  Happy Holidays everyone!

+The Queen Mary 

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