Tuesday, November 24, 2015

We Love CHOC Children's Hospital!

CHOC Children's Trauma Unit Visit

PC CHOC Children's
I was given the amazing opportunity to go behind the scenes of CHOC Children's Trauma Center. It is a division of the ER that is specifically ready for any "trauma" that may occur in children. 

Did you know that CHOC now has it's own Hospital and the trauma unit is two rooms exactly alike?
Before I get to the details of the well prepared rooms, I have to remind everyone that we have a soft spot for CHOC. 

Dr. Muhonen was the neurosurgeon that along with his team saved my nephews life, operating on him at just hours old, removing a stage 4 brain tumor 8 years ago. We are grateful for that and for the efforts given to my niece when she was born with heart disease and for my nephew who needed to have one of his kidneys removed last year. 

Just recently with my own son, it was suggested that, we see a neurologist. I have already called to schedule his appointment with CHOC neurology. I feel most comfortable in the care of the entire staff at CHOC.

As if we did not love CHOC already, after the tour I was able to take, I was set at ease knowing that if needed this hospital would be ready, able and willing to attend to my kids with the best care possible. 

The highlights of my visit with Choc Children's Trauma Center were focused on the reenactment of a real emergency - it truly was amazing to see these dedicated people ready to do whatever is needed to save a life:

* The newly opened CHOC is celebrating it's first birthday January 2016!

* Only CHILDREN'S Hospital in in OC that has pediatric focused trauma center. In our backyard. 

* Have Air Transport. They can fly to you!

* ER in general at CHOC is ready and staff is amazing but...trauma can treat children that's up to 14 that has had any traumatic injury!

* In Trauma Room - Both rooms come ready with all sizes of everything from needles to tubes, Neck braces to breathing masks.
* Each of the two trauma rooms comes ready with the top of the line electronics and tech machinery even that may be needed: a room warm up control, a glide scope for easy placement of breathing tube, a bedside ultrasound, Rapid Infuser that takes the amount of time needed to infuse an IV of blood or fluids from minutes to less than a minute. 
* ON site they have a pharmacy, ability to perform surgery, nurses, emt's, Chaplin and social work. 
* Child Life Specialist - something I found completely perfect and necessary. This team of about 25 works the entire hospital. Each is ready with the means to help kids ease their situation and comfort level with whatever the procedure or situation may be. They have IPads or Tabs that can help distract a child with their favorite show or game.
* Everything is electronic and can be seen with in the Hospital from Doctor to Special to Nurse. 

* Did you know that the Holidays bring on more room for traumas. It's know that there is less supervision, more drinking for some in home, and less helmets fastened properly. Keep an eye out for these safety measures that are most seen when kids come into the ER. 

* 40% of visits to CHOC Children's are related to falls. Of those, 35% are from windows! 

Knowing all of these things and seeing them, I am even more at ease knowing that if we needed to head to the ER and could make it, we would head to CHOC. 

If you have any other questions about CHOC ER and or Trauma Center, please let me know. If I do not know, I will find out!

Have a happy Safe Holiday everyone, 

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