Wednesday, December 23, 2015

10 Must Do's at Winterfest OC Before Jan 3rd!

Baby it's cold outside! It has been a bit on the crisp side this winter for Orange County.

Cold weather brings winter fun and winter fun brings us to Winterfest OC at the OC Fairgrounds.
We were invited to attend Winterfest last Friday to kick off all the winter fun you can have in OC. We really did not know what to expect but there was so much to do we ended up staying over 4 hours!

Both of my kids had a wonderful time and did so many activities they were exhausted by 9pm. Yes we are on winter break, we live on the wild side and let our kids stay up late to enjoy moments with them and make memories... I am totally okay with that!

My daughter wanted to point out her favorites too so in combination with my own, as a family, we decided, these are our 10 must do's at WinterfestOC this year.

* Ice Skating - everyone had a great time. There are assistance guides for the younger kids that need to push and hold onto something. Hey adults can use those too! Very handy and were $5 each. The cabanas are right on the ice and would be perfect for a large family friends group or even a work event for team building. Ice skates fit pretty true to size. Everyone loved being on the ice, I had a blast skating with my babies. My son did great, he is on the spectrum and last year did not care for it but this year was all about it for at least 30 minutes. He would have gone longer but he was getting tired.

* Ice Carving - the Chainsaw Chicks are amazing. We have seen them before at the Opening of Frozen movie but these girls I would watch over and over craft up that snow with those chainsaws! Super fierce!

* North Pole - Here the kids were able to craft ornaments, cards and more. Also, the best part for my son were the trains. You could control them and they were chugging through the villages and snow of the scenery around them. There were also some sweet treats beautifully done up for winter that were available for purchase.

* the World's Largest walk through ornament - this big and bright red ornament was so beautiful and large. We were able to walk through it, look up to the sky, and enjoy a moment of the Holiday spirit around us. Makes for a wonderful picture too!

* Tree Lighting - this was spectacular! There were fireworks (fireworks opening night only), Santa and a massive tree being lit to music and the Holiday cheer all around. My daughter loved all the lights and excitement that was set off for the lighting of the tree! It was beautiful. Did I mention there is SNOWFALL!

* Carnival Rides - the kids rode rides and had a great time running around checking all the different rides out. They were able to ride most together. My son is 42" and my daughter is 5' tall so they were good to go for most.
There were a few that my daughter rode that my son could not but to be honest, it was probably not the safest for my son at his height and age so I am glad the height restrictions are there. My girls favorite was the Kamakazi and the ride spun her up and over again and again.

* Reindeer - This was fun to see and get up close with. These reindeer are just beautiful and it becomes so surreal for all to be near Santa's helpers on the magical night! They are super cute and I am not going to lie, I wanted to take one home. Hehe..

* Snowflake Summit - Head up the hill and then race down the 130 snowy icy drop of a hill that has you laughing all the way! my kids could not get enough of the tubing. They must have each rode it at least 8 times and had so much fun doing so. It was hard to get them off the summit!

* Santa and Mars Claus - Meet the man himself and his sweet Mrs. Claus. Take pictures and share your wishes and hopes for this Holiday Season. They will be there through Christmas Eve!

* Photo Opportunity - I love to take photos. I love to make sure my kids have a still shot of memories we make so that they too can share them with their kids in the future too. I love that there are Photo Ops all over WinterfestOC. From large life size Candy Canes to Face cut outs for posing as elves, the fun is everywhere to capture those moments I love.

In it's first year WinterfestOC totally brought all the winter fun you can have to the OC. I hope that everyone gets a chance to enjoy the festivities.

To help out on the fun, WinterfestOC is also giving thanks, they are offering a great promotion for those that serve, protect and service our community. 
See HERE for more details on how Nurses, Teachers, Police, Military and Fire Fighters can receive free admission on specific dates and more..

Have a great Winter OC!! See you next year and thank you for the invite to the awesome winter fun WinterfestOC - we loved it!

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