Monday, February 1, 2016

Easy Fast Chili for a Busy Night

Quick and Easy Dinner - Good Year-Round!

Winter is the best time to make crock pot meals. I love using my crock pot but sometimes I am not prepared to use it. Sometimes I still need to piece together my meal and get to it after the kids are dropped off and my day can officially begin. 

This is one fast and easy Chili you can do from prep to table in 25 minutes. I love to let my Chili sit for a bit but this is just as yummy in a short amount of time spent. 

Note- I love to make extra and have some for next day and lunches for the hubs too. 

What you will need: 
* 2 pounds of gorund beef - I use 80% lean. 
* 1 can of diced tomatoes 
* 5 cans of Chili beans
* 2 cans of kidney beans
* 3 pieces of garlic crushed 
* 1 onion (use half of it with the ground beef cooking and half of it for Chili topping) 
* Seasonings - 
     * 3 table spoons of Chili Powder (I used 4 cause my family likes it spicy)
     * 3 table spoons of Cumin
     * 1 table spoon Paprika
     * 1 table spoon of salt ( I added a bit more to my taste liking) 
     * 1 table spoon of black ground pepper

Cook it up:
* Cook the ground beef and the garlic together with half of the onion. 
* Pour beans into stove top cookware pot.
* Combine the ground beef with the beans and let simmer while you add all of the seasonings. 
* Simmer and mix together.

Ideally let simmer for a few mins but if you need the meal on the table in under 30 it will still be great!

Serve just as is or with the options to add cheese, onions and or sour cream on top too. 

We like to dip chips or Fritos into our Chili! Another favorite is to get +Boudin Bakery Sourdough bread bowls and add the Chili into those... so so good!

Do you have a yummy recipe I can try, Let me know in the comments below!