Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Legoland Fun Top Tips

Legoland Tips for Lots of Super Fun!

Welcome to summer early now that the water park is OPEN and welcome to fun for everyone.

Took us about 45mins to get down and into the parking lot. Parking was $10 for general admission so we were good with that.

We met up with our girls and immediately jammed into the park to get on our first ride. We were walking past the entrance and went to the left. It's usually more crowded that way but we saw a tent up that I have never seen and went to check it out. - Quick Tip - Start out to the right of the park and work your way back around the opposite loop. Less crowded.

We made our way to Heartlake City - a total favorite of the girls. Here they watched a live show, took pics with the Lego Best Friends, Groomed Horses at the stables and even rode one on the Carousel! Best area for Lego Friends Fans!

Of course we had to head over to a special sweet treat for us moms! Hello Apple Fries my friends, I have missed you! Lets get two!
Just around the corner from our snack we were able to get the girls on the best ride in the park, I mean well it is my favorite ride, just not my day to ride it. They loved it. Their faces say it all. Love the Knight's Tournament ride!

The girls conquered all the Legoland challenges and loved the Dragon coaster and the test track. So many great rides for all ages, we were all having a blast!

It's Lego Ducks aka Ducks of Legoland

On our our way around the park my kiddo some how decided she would scratch her own hand with her own hand and a tree walking or shall I say.... running like a nut!

Off we go to first aid. Let me tell you - Legoland's first aid is amazing. They are on it. Nice, friendly and super fast with the help. Did I mention I saw an outlet and wanted to sit and charge my phone. Oh, I didn't, well that's what I wanted to do but the girls were ready for more Lego fun.

We went on the Tour boats and ran through Heartlake City once more and did a few fun "chores" in the stables. The girls were loving it so much!

It was dinner time and time to head over to Legoland's Pizaa and Pasta Buffet ! They have so many different pizza options, I had at least 3 pastas and a full salad bar with cold pasta as well. SO MUCH TO EAT and the best part..... Kids are FREE after 3pm right now for a limited time!

So much fun all day long. The day goes by way to fast. You can add water park entrance to your ticket too but we would need another day for that.... hope to return soon to splash around in the water park fun!

Top 7 tips and must do's at Legoland:

* Take advantage of the Buy a Day Get 4 free. (5 consecutive days)
All the Details HERE!

* Start on the right side.. most people go left and it is heavier traffic at the beginning of the day.

* Eat Apple Fries and Maybe Eat them once more! No Joke here!

* Add the Aquarium and or the Water Park for more fun - get more info HERE

* If you need help during your visit - send a text to (760) 203-3604

* Bring a mini figure or buy one to trade - It is like pin trading and super fun to do. What Lego friend will you be on the look out for?

* Review the height restrictions - there is a lot to do even if your under 2!

* Bring a sweater for cool fall and winter nights. Even though the water park opens up in March, the weather can be breezy and cool some days. 

Lock em up - they didn't want to leave!

What we would love to check out - the LEGOLAND HOTEL . The new Lego Friends rooms will be open soon!

We were full of fun, food and laughs. It was time to head home. We had a great day - Memories that are going to last a lifetime.

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