Thursday, March 10, 2016

Legoland CA Lego Friend Rooms Now Open!!

Best Friends Forever! The NEW Lego Friends Rooms are OPEN NOW!

I was able to get a peek into the new +legolandcalifornia Hotel #LegoFriends rooms and I have all the deets for you!

Opening Today, taking it's first guests into the 12 new Lego Friends rooms, the Legoland Hotel is ready and excited to welcome everyone into the world of Lego Friends! 

All the rooms are popping with color and so much more. We met with the amazing PR staff and Frank who basically runs the show and by show I mean he makes sure everyone is having a  great time living it up like a kid! I like that!

Here are some insider facts about the fun new rooms and more.

* There are 250 total rooms in the Legoland Hotel with 4 themes. Kingdom, Pirate, Adventure and now 12 of those rooms are Lego Friend rooms to make up the themes for now... there may or may not be, but possibly is, another theme coming soon! Shhh... insider hint!

* 12 Rooms are Wheel Chair accessible and 3 of those 12 have a "roll in" shower. Love this, My nephew is in a wheel chair and loves to have just as much fun as everyone on vacation and keep clean too with out breaking his parents back while not at home but in a hotel. Great feature here!

* Children have their own area in each room. It is literally "their place" as Frank said. 

* The Lego Friends rooms are bright and vibrant. Picture building Stephanie's Lego set and taking a part of hers and all the others friends houses and rolling them into one festive space to play and stay! 

There are surprises on every corner of the parks, hotel and individual rooms. Stay more than one night and get a treasure hunt each day!
Love it. 

* From the start of parking to registration, walking down the halls, the elevators and the rooms themselves, everything is all about Lego and KIDS! Make sure to check out the Clock Tower in front, the Dragon at entry, note that the Registration desk accommodates both adult and child sizes and the kids get to go on a treasure hunt! That is a solid check in process if I have ever seen one so Kid friendly!

* All the rooms identify with both sexes until the Lego Friends rooms came along. Now there is a spot in the Lego world for that Girly Girl to come to life with Lego Friends too! 

* There are step stools with low profile tubs for child friendly restroom activity. There is a child feature on the toilet seat too, so leave your portable potty at home, they are ready for the little bottoms too! hehe!

* There are two peep holes at each door, you know, so that your little scan feel big too while practicing safety! 

* Food - I know, you know, we all know, I love food. Breakfast is included! There is a buffet and guess what... kids can serve themselves. The size is kid size. Kids are welcome to be themselves and enjoy themselves. After all, as Frank said, this is a vacation geared for the kids! But.. Skyline Cafe is for the adults, a nice restaurant with bar, kids are welcome there too with a kids menu never leaving the children out of the fun. 

* Room Size - Bunk and or Trundle as needed. All rooms feature same family friendly yet private space style. Sleep up to 5 in standard room and up to 7 in suite. Combine the suite with a standard room and have a few families connected by a door sharing the Lego fun together! Ahhh dream vacation for my kids for sure. 
* Do you have a Legoland Ca Pass? You get 15% below the lowest rate. Score.. Use it!!

* Allergies? Food restrictions? Just ask and request.. they are VERY accommodating!

* All Day Entertainment - We were told that some guests never leave the hotel. After my tour I can see how that can happen. The pool area is resort style caught my attention for sure. I was ready to jump in and they have poolside entertainment too. There are stage performances that change and vary daily in the main lobby area near the Pirate Ship.
Characters are always around and wondering to surprise guests with photo ops! There is a Disco for the kids, let them get their wiggles out and pass out.. hehe! The kids can also participate in a model building contest, so there is so much to do inside the hotel, I can see why the time can get away and the fun seems to never end. 

* Check out the elevators!! Awesome ride... I will leave it at that!

* Baby/Toddler/Infant Friendly - With pack and plays and or cribs galore they are ready for anything!

I had so much fun touring the new Lego Friends rooms! I hope that one day we can stay and play there too. Check out my video HERE!

Have you stayed at the Legoland Hotel? Let me know what your favorite part was in the comments below!!
 Thank you to everyone at Legoland Ca for their awesome tour and hospitality. Also thank you for the patience while I toured the rooms slowly... I may have wanted to just find a hiding spot and stay!

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