Friday, March 11, 2016

Mini Easter Themed Chocolate Cream Pies EASY to Make

Cute, Easy and the Best Part So Tasty!

I love sweets and what I love more is making them but...what I love most is when the process is easy enough and your able to make a lot in a little time!

The Easter bunny is headed this way and my daughter always wants to make sweets she can share. This year we decided to make these adorable chocolate cream mini pies.

Very easy and fast... my kind of mom and daughter semi we can get to eating faster!

It's also usually kid friendly when doing semi homemade and semi baked since there's nothing really crazy going on!


yes.. that's it.. see below.. or you can mix your own decor into it. Maybe even add in some vanilla pudding for the filling!

What to do:

Fill graham crust with pudding and decorate from there. I like to use chilled pudding cups set and then flattened the top a bit so the decor sits well. So easy! 

This is something that can really be used for any occasion and any Holiday. With the amazing taste, ease and flat or puffed up tops, it is super easy to customize for lots of entertaining fun!

Do you have a favorite, easy, no bake treat you would like to share? Leave it in the comments!

Happy Easter!

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