Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekly Sports Prep Tips to Keeping Healthy

Year-Round Play Safe Tips for Weekly Practice and Games!

Youth Soccer is almost year-round but how do you keep the kids full of energy and healthy!?
Fun Play is Safe Play!
Soccer has been my passion for years, I started playing since I was 10, now my own kids play and I couldn't be happier watching them.

I know how important it is to keep hydrated, eat well, store energy and keep a healthy lifestyle when you play a sport year-round... but there is more to it.  

Here are a few tips that I have followed for years and still think are worth keeping up with!

* Always stretch and shake it before getting into your practice and or game. Don't want to pull or pinch anything.
* Games and Practice - Eat well enough in advance so that there are no tummy issues. We eat at least 2 hours prior. 

* Snacks that are best - Complex Carbs such as cereal, pasta or toast. Just remember to eat well in advance of game or practice. 

* Keep Hydrated but don't over do it, you may get cramps, little sips. Drink a few 12oz glasses of water 2 hours prior to game or practice. A little bit more before the game and every 15 mins or so during game and last but not least always drink water after!

* All Weather - Sports are played in all weather conditions. Dress appropriately for the weather you are playing in. Working hard at practice may lead to sweating, a jacket to toss on after is ideal to keep that heat in and chill out. 

* Multi Practice week - We try to get our homework done on the less hectic days, that does NOT always work out but it does help when we can achieve that. I have used sports as a bribe to get homework done or kept the kids from the activity over homework... but I am taking a stand against that. I will not do that again. Sports are my kids outlets of energy bursts and mind clearance. They love their sports and activities and I feel like those are the breaks in the daily they need. I will now start taking away TV time or have a bed time be earlier. Do you have a suggestion on this? Tell me please!

* Be Positive - Always tell your teammates they did a great job and your coach thank you for his/her time! Most of these sports are volunteer or little pay so the commitment the adults give to the kids should get thanks too! Not a bad idea to thank your parents too for the support and getting you to practice on time!

Do you have any tips to add to year-round sports play!? Put them in the comments below!

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