Friday, April 29, 2016

Awesome Soccer #SockIt Training for my Futbol Family

Perfect YOUR Strike!

Have you heard of The #SockIT Soccer Training Tool? Neither had I until we were asked if we would try it out. 

Training in Soccer is key. Endurance and agility are things that soccer players train in daily. Footwork and precise strikes on the ball are so important in tactical play at any age level. 

Learning the game of Soccer young is something we were able to do since my dad played professional Soccer in Greece. At a young age both my brother and I were asked if we would like to play Soccer too. 

Long story short, we did play, for many years and on through College level returning to Coach in our hometown. 

What we did not have back then was a unique training tool that would help perfect our fierce shot or strike of the ball. We would set up balls and shoot them at the goal but there was nothing really telling us that we nailed it in the right spot!

Here comes into play the training tool for Soccer, the SockIt. Created by Joe Briganti, who wanted to help his two young daughter become more skilled at soccer, in an effective & simple way. After searching for many tools, ways and techniques where non seem to fit the need, the SockIt was born!

We tried the SockIt with my son who is 4 and on the Autism Spectrum and my daughter who is 8. My son has never played on a team yet, this will be his first year. My daughter on the other hand is in club level Soccer and is honestly gifted in the vision of the game and at 5'2" and 8yo, when she tells me..."Mama I am going to play in the Women's World Cup one day..." I totally have faith in and believe her!

My 4yo Son loved it. He is on the taller side so his foot is also bigger. I was not sure if he would be okay with the sensory aspect but he loved it. There was nothing bothering him about the fit, the placement or the use of the SockIt. He did well. He really enjoyed lighting it up so he was just kicking to see the light of the SockIt. That was fine with me.. that is touches on the ball and a great start!

My daughter on the other hand was quick to put her cleats on and try it out. She was able to put it on her boot all by herself, straighten it out and put the placement of it around the arch in the middle on top of the laces where the perfect strike potential is! She was able to see the light as she struck the ball but more importantly for her if the feel, she knew that the SockIt was on the sweet spot. She has been working towards her sweet spot for months now and perfecting the way she leans her body to crack that swift strong shot. 

Both of the kids really liked using it. We have had the SockIt for about 2.5 weeks and the kids have used it both in practice and at home just kicking around. We tried the SockIt with tennis shoes too and it words just as great so that my kids can practice anywhere not just on grass in cleats. 

A few tips we wanted to share in general about lighting up the SockIt with your SHOT!
* Plant your Non-Kicking foot next to the ball 
* Lean your body over the ball. If you lean back your shot goes up and not as in control. 
* Use your LACES by locking your foot forward in a pointing motion when striking the ball.
* Follow through... do not stop your leg.. kick all the way though as if you were not going to stop so that the power follows the ball from your leg and foot. 

We really enjoyed testing the SockIt and we will continue to use it. I just need to get another one since BOTH kids love it and want to practice skills and training together!

They come in cool colors too, I think this is attractive and fun to young and older. There is Rocket Orange, Attacker Blue, Striker Pink and Smashing Yellow for you to choose your SockIt color in!

So why will we use the SockIt as one of our Soccer interactive Kicking Trainers?
* The SockIt Soccer Trainer makes learning the game of Soccer fun... that is number 1 for beginners for sure. 
* The SockIt teaches proper techniques in kicking.
* Provides instant feedback to the player using it.
* Encourages Practice (and exercise comes with that).
* Player Development in shooting, passing and juggling.
* Fits BOTH feet, Left or Right for both users to train effectively. 
* Keeps Show Laces in Place
* Can help turn young players into future all-stars

We are glad we were able to experience testing out the SockIt and like they say... "Light up your shot, turn on your game" !!

If you are interested in The SockIt Soccer Training tool, please check out heir webiste HERE and enter my special discount code at check out - ONTHEGOOC15 for your 15% off! 

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