Friday, April 29, 2016

Unique Flavorful Dishes and Drinks at Tempo Urban Kitchen

Can you keep up with the eats Tempo Urban Kitchen?

Wow! So many flavors and cooking techniques make Tempo Urban Kitchen it's own mark in the Foodie world!

Break Location

Thank you to these three Top Chefs, Sal, Charlie and Chris, for amazing eats tonight at +Tempo Urban Kitchen ! I think what I love most about you three is the passion you have for the palate! 

Over at Tempo Urban Kitchen there is no simple way to do things... they are all about creativity, innovation in the kitchen and all sorts of cooking techniques, even if the time take longer to bring the dish to life! Just because they work hard at it does NOT mean they don't like to enjoy doing it. Look at these faces, the faces of three Chefs that love what they do!

I am a huge fan of the +SousVide Supreme and these Chefs are too. They are using the Sous Vide method of slowly cooking in vacuum seal for hours, sometimes days, to bring that perfect meal together. 

Before I get into the amazing eats we tried, I wanted to say Congrats to the owner Jorge and all three Chefs! There are three locations that will each house one of these resident Chefs in their kitchen!

Super excited for Chef Charlie, who will be headed to Villa Guadalupe as the head Chef in that location. Something else that is awesome news... he will be working it as Farm to Table. Does not get any fresher than that! Congrats!

So what did I try?
We started off with a refreshing cocktail! The Mango Serrano Infused Margarita. Insanely Delish! I wanted another stat.. okay maybe like 3 more, it was so good! Look at that Tajin on the rim.. yes please! 

Our first dish was Grilled Octopus. I love seafood and Octopus is one of my favs. It can be made so many ways but always needs to be done right. The char was perfect and the seasoning was delish with citrus and mixed baby greens. 

Grilled octopus with guajillo chili oil, Serrano sauce, lime cream and chipotle mayo

Up next we had the Asian Inspired Pork Belly. Always a fav.. I love Pork Belly!! 

Reconstructive Korean taco ...
Braised pork belly, mango roll, tortilla puree, fresh coriander
Have you ever tried anything cooked in a Sous Vide? I have before but this was even softer to the bite and falling apart in my mouth. So full of flavors and I was savoring each bite. 

Sous Vide Short Rib
28 hours slow cook short rib, meet juice sauce, beet mermelade, vegan caviar, pickle carrots and New York Home made ham
To end our amazing eats we had the pleasure of our Chef's making fresh Ice Cream... Table-Side! You can too and it is fun!

We were treated to Ginger creme broûlèe ice cream. I would go back for the specific taste and fresh ginger in that Ice Cream anytime!
Thanks Chef Chris for our Ice Cream!
Next time you are looking for a new spot to try out for a great taste and fresh new eats... Try out Tempo Urban Kitchen and let me know what you think too!

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