Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Preview of LEGO® NINJAGO® World at LEGOLAND® California Resort LIVE Tomorrow With Autism Tips

LEGO® NINJAGO® World at LEGOLAND® California Resort Opens May 5th!

Follow along tomorrow as we get a preview of it all live from Legoland!

We will be live from LEGO® NINJAGO® World at LEGOLAND® California Resort tomorrow starting around 10am. 

We are super excited to be invited to the preview and press day. I heard that we will be able to see everything that Ninjago World has to offer from the specialty eats, shopping and of course the ride in 4D! 

There are so many things coming to Legoland Ca. Here are a few other hot list updates to keep an eye out for in the next year to come...

* Expansion of the Hotel - More rooms in what I hear will be a NEW BUILDING completely! (about 250 plus rooms will be added)

* More themes - with the Hotel expansion there will be a few more themes added into the mix. This will give a much more broad choice for the kids on girly, boy, or unisex themes. 

* Announcement of Season Activity Dates. Special boo treats and fireworks included. 

A helpful Disabilities Tip (we used this last visit to Legoland Ca for my son with Autism) - 

* The Disability Assistance Pass is much like Disneyland's system. Super easy, super efficient and totally helps plan out the day since you get a return time for the next ride of choice. So... get a time for a ride, see some sights like Mini Figure Land and then go on your ride at assigned time. Want to ride more? Do the same thing all day long so that you can enjoy everything in the parks with your disabled family member too!

* All day can get overwhelming for one with Disabilities. I like knowing that the First Aid office is super friendly and willing to help all situations. There is everything that you may need for bumps and bruises and also to calm down let your sensory sensitivities take a break and be a bit more on the quiet side for a moment. 

* When in doubt or need some help - Just ask. I have run into issues or situation where I have needed first aid, a little stroller help, someone to open door for me not to lose a child... the team members at Legoland CA are amazing and wiling to help with it all. 

* Break time - A few good spots for a sensory break or even just to get away from it all for a moment. 
          ** Heart Lake City Horse Stables - brush pony hair, build, make things to the horses, look in mirrors... sensory heaven. 
          ** Next to the Granny's Apple Fries stand there is a walk way and it is usually empty expect for a few kids in the stand alone big block lego play spot. Quiet and there are benches there to take a seat too. 

* Sensory Water Play - Another good way to let your little one let lose is to have them run around and play in the water area that is next to Heart Lake City. There is a splash pad area with water play hoses and water that comes up from the ground. Good way to cool off or let your over stimulated little one just get wild and wet! Separate from the Water Park that is an option too, you can add that to your daily ticket for the day as well. 

* Dietary Restrictions - Legoland CA does have a variety of healthier options, foods, snacks and juices .. .but... if your have a kiddo like mine that only eats 6 or 7 things total it can be tough anyways. I love that you can bring in your own snacks and food and for someone that needs to do that for their Autistic kid, that's amazingly great!

We can not wait to head out to Legoland CA tomorrow so please follow along as we bring the New Ninjago World LIVE to you!

Check back after and catch up on our recap and review of all the fun you will have at Legoland Ca in Ninjago World after May 5th when it opens to all!

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