Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Love the Fuel Efficient Budget Friendly Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi Mirage - Mini-Compact 

Mini-Compact Packed With Features.......

We had so much fun test driving the Mitsubishi Mirage! Our family of 4 zipped around Orange County saving so much gas and loving the space this sweet affordable 2015 Mirage gave us. 

This awesome 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage starts at $12,995, making it a amazingly affordable, what a price point! Wow!

It’s received multiple awards like “Best All-Around Performance” and “Best Environmental Performance” in the mini-compact class, which means it is smaller than one might expect while still providing excellent safety features, a great amount space for passengers and my favorite.... lot of cargo space in the back. This soccer mom loves that!

I loved that the Mirage gave me the ability to go further for far less money that I thought. Since when does the tank fill up with less than $20.... not since 1996 when I got my first car! Love it!!!

Saving so much money on the actual cost of this beautiful car, could totally give someone the opportunity to use the money that would usually be spent on a car with these features, on something else they can enjoy or have wanted too!

We were able to pack the Mirage full with all we needed from soccer gear, groceries to beach needs and still had room to rock out to the music we blasted on the Rockford Fosgate system that was in our test drive. 

I took this hot purple cutie on a drive down the coast. I totally pictured how perfect this car is for anyone. A started car for a College bound senior, a swap from large to economical and fun, someone who commutes for work or leisure but still needs some space.... anyone I thought of could fall in love with the Mirage once they gave it a drive!

My Top 3 Favs of The Mitsubishi Mirage:

* The Size - Looks small but once inside there is plenty of room for my family of 4 with car seats and tag along baggage too. You can see how $200 worth of groceries fit just fine in the photo above. 

* The Fuel Efficiency - I can not rave enough about how gas friendly the Mirage is. I was able to go my whole routine of the week with out filling up. I was so surprised at how far the gas went that I kept looking at the gas tank gauge just in case but nope.. all was good!

* The Features for Value - For the cost I am surprised that there was so many features. Automatic everything and additions you can add on for low cost still keeping the car super cost effective. The value of this car could fit anyone's budget and lifestyle.

I did want to say that this was my first mini compact car and I loved the handling of it. The sporty look was fun but the way it drives surprised me in that it's easy, smooth and comfortable.

Get all the info on the Mitsubishi Mirage and check out all the colors it is offered in too here!

Happy Driving! 

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