Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Aquarium Pacific Welcomes Horses Dragons Vanishing Animals Exhibit

Now Open at the Aquarium of the Pacific!

Explore and Learn about Horses, Dragons and Vanishing Animals at the new Exhibit

Under the Sea... there are so many wonders we can only imagine what we will discover next!

I was honored to be invited to preview the new exhibit at the Aquarium of the Pacific last Thursday. The exhibit is now open and will be open to all from now until March 31st, 2017. 

One of our favorite sea life animals has always been the Sea Horse. It is always so peaceful to watch these sweet creatures just float and swim around. 

Seeing all the beauty around us does not mean that some of the sea life in our own backyards are not on the endangered lists. 

What I love most about the Aquarium, they are educating us on all the sea life, but at the same time are teaching us how to help be part of the story too. 

In this new exhibit you will see different types of Sea Horses, Sea Dragons and many of the animals that are vanishing from our oceans! It really is important to be educated on what we can do on our part to help prevent this from continuing to happen. 

There is a new puppet show to help guide and understand how the actions of our consumption and waste are effecting our oceans and what we can do to help. Love it! You will see Piper the Seahorse telling a tale. 

Also not to be missed is the new Seahorse Spectacular film that is displayed on the walls of the Great Hall. Very beautiful to watch. 

In the Ocean Science Center the new film, "The Only Thing That is Constant is Change", is playing on rotation, so if you need a little break be sure to catch this educational fun film. 

The Details:
Seahorses, Sea dragons, Abalone, Pipe fish, razor fish and more are on display and featured.
Cultivating Abalone
* Education on Near Extinction Ocean Life and how to help prevent this

* American Alligators - 4 babies are on display. They are so cute, I even asked if there was a check out for the weekend and take home list, but nope there is not.. hehe This is a true endangered animal success story

* Horses and Dragons - Pacific Seahorse, Tiger Tail Seahorse, Pot-Bellied Seahorse, Ribboned Seadragon, Weedy Seadragon,
Leafy Seadragon, Razor Fish, Dragon Sea Moth, Longsnout Seahorse, pipefishes and Dwarf Seahorses -

 All on Display to sit and stare wondrously at. 

* Healthy Corals and Non Healthy Corals are contrasted to show the over grown algae and how it effect sea life. 

Healthy Coral to the left with all the fish and unhealthy Coral to the right... fishless...

* Education and Display of the shellfish that are commonly propagated in aquaculture farms. 

* Learn more about how humans and out relationship with out planet and our future ocean goes hand in hand. 

* Get educated on the vast efforts of the Aquarium team to breed and re grow the dying populations of some of this sea life. 

I was fortunate enough to see a dad seahorse start his birthing process. I saw one tiny little seahorse come out and meet the world. So amazing to watch! 
Tiny black line to the left of the dad is the baby!
There is so much to see and learn... after hearing it all and seeing what the effects are, you too will want to see what you can do to help stop the animals from vanishing. 

There is so much thought and passion that goes into the men and women that dedicate their life's work to re growing our healthy oceans. It is fascinating to see how we play a part in that too and what a difference we all can make!

Get all the info on hours of operation and when you can plan your visit to the +Aquarium of the Pacific  too! 

When you visit let me know what your favorite part about the new exhibit is!? Mine was getting the knowledge on how we can stop the threat we constantly put onto our oceans and precious sea life. 


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