Friday, May 27, 2016

Stay Hydrated Over Summer with Aquaball #Giveaway

Beat the Summer Heat and Stay Hydrated with Aquaball Flavored Water 

Aquaball helps us kick off summer with a Giveaway. Check out all the new details about this awesome Flavored water and enter to win some for yourself too!

I am super excited that I am an Aquaball mom! What does this mean.... well I get the insider info of all the happenings at the headquarters and can bring all sorts of news, fun and cool stuff to all my readers. 

We have been fans of Aquaball water for over 4 years now. We have been in love with the fun design, Disney characters on the bottles and of course the taste of the water itself. There are many flavors that seem to hit everyone's taste-buds. 

There is so much going on over at Aquaball that I just have to share all the excitement over this kids drink (that even us parents love...shhh)! So here we go...

Whats New?
* New Packaging - as if these were not cute before the cuteness stays and the practical shape comes into play with a more oblong share. Perfect for the fridge and snack bags to go. They fit in cup holders and little hands much better.

* New Formula - Aquaball is preservative free and Kosher!

* New Fill Process - Hot Fill Process is what is now used for the bottling of Aquaball drinks. The water gets over 200 degrees during bottling process for purity. 

* Old Case came in 12, that's just not enough to last mush time at all, so the new case comes in 24... yes please!

* No Sugar, NOT Juice - Amazing flavored WATER! How is is sweet? Pure Stevia. With plant used in it's purity, the clean label on Aquaball is well deserved. Natural fruit flavors with vitamins B3, B5, B6, that is it. 

* New Flavor - There will soon be a Pink Lemonade and let me tell you, it is super yummy and tastes so refreshing.

* New Web Site - Check it out here and come back soon to hear all about a new pledge that will start in June!!

You can find Aquaball in the Juice Isle in the store

Coming Soon:
* Fun on line - come back soon to get the scoop on the Partnership Pledge you and your kids can take to be part of the fun... COMING SOON!
Look out for the hashtag and be ready to use it too - #AquaBallPledge 

Why it is our favorite #OnTheGo and All the Time go to drink:

* We have been fans of Aquaball for years. We love that we can take it On The Go and with us everywhere from sporting events to amusement parks and to the beach. 

* Super tasty and fresh. Flavored water my kids and us adults love to drink

* The Super Heroes and Disney Characters are so fun for kids and adults too, not going to lie hehe!

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Stay Hydrated Over Summer Giveaway - Enter Below- Good Luck To All a Rafflecopter giveaway :

I am an Aquaball Mom,This is a sponsored post. All Ideas, thoughts and writings are all my own.We really do love Aquaball.

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