Monday, May 30, 2016

Upcycle Chick Fil A Salad Container DIY Herb Garden #ChickFilAMomsDIY

Upcycle Chick-Fil-A Food Containers

Washed and Cleaned Chick-Fil-A Salad Bowl Upcycled! 

So easy and you can get as creative as you like with it!

1. Get that Spicy Southwest Chicken Salad in your belly, so good, I love it.

2. Wash and dry your salad container

3. Here is where you can customize it however you want. I spray painted it red for our club soccer team spirit.

4. Let dry completely

5. With a sharp knife or razor blade carefully cut along the inside top cover to remove the Chick-Fil-A square portion

6. Fill with choice of soil and water. Get it seed ready.

7. Plant seeds

8. Cover and let seeds grow in their mini green house sort of planter.

9. I plan to put it on my kitchen counter since I planted cilantro and mint to use fresh when ready.

Get creating friends...let me know what you make! Snap a pic and tag me in it on social media!!

I love crafting fun but this upcycle goodness is my new obsession.

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