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10 Secret Tips of the Disneyland Resort from a Disneyland Passholder Plus Ticket Giveaway

It is Time to Share Some of our Secret Favorites of the Disneyland Resort Inside and Out of the Parks!

Hey there Hi there Ho there It's a TICKET GIVEAWAY!

No secret here... we live at I mean LOVE the Disneyland Resort. Okay we wish we could LIVE there too but for the mean time, until Walt's apartment goes up for rent, we spend as much time in and out of the parks at the Disneyland Resort as we can. 

Here are some of our favorite tips that we use and do often that may help you plan a few hours or a whole day at the parks and Disneyland Resort.


* White Water Snacks by the pool in Grand Californian Hotel offers large portions and amazingly good food, it's totally more than just snacks. The nachos are amazing. Enter back in through the Hotel entrance to DCA and you are back in the park! Shhh super insider tip - there is an outlet near the back door that you can plug into and charge... sharing is caring so don't be greedy hehe!

* If you eat at any of the restaurants at Grand Californian Hotel, like Story Tellers Cafe, you can use your receipt to enter DCA from the much less crowded Grand Californian Hotel entrance that leads directly into the park.

* Cruise the halls and lobby of the Disneyland Hotel for some fun facts and old time photos of when Walt Was walking the parks with his guests.
You never know what character you may run into! We have seen many characters especially near Goofy's Kitchen.

* Grand Californian Hotel has a Fireplace and kids lounge area. Take a break from the summer heat and enjoy a cool fireside moment. Relax while your kids sit feet away from you in mini kid chairs with a TV playing Mickey Cartoons!
Extra secret...the fireplace is on the outside too so take a walk outside and sit down and enjoy fireside outdoors!

In the Parks!

* Ask for water... we bring water with us but you can always ask for some cold water and a cast member at the food or beverage building locations will give you a small cup of water. Handy for those days when you have a few kiddos with you and they can't share water bottles or cups..each get their own mini cup of water and ice. Cute free souvenir for the kiddos too!

* Fireworks - if you do not want to sit for hours in front of the Castle for the show... another decent spot is off to the left by the Princess Promenade right next to the Stage where they go live outdoors. There to the side of the castle you can see most of the view of inside the park Castle view. 

Another favorite spot of ours is behind the Castle near Dumbo ride. There's seats, stairs and spots to see the view from behind the magic! (Don't have a park ticket but want to see the Fireworks? Sit inside the open area between DCA and Disneyland for a great view too and get parking free at DTD for 2 hours!)

* Big Eats! Now that Thunder Ranch BBQ is closed for Star Wars Land, we still need to fill our bellies with yummies, so we opt for Minnie's Kitchen Cafe on Main Street. At Minnie's you can get a plate of fried chicken that comes with sides that are plenty to share with at least 1 person! Always a good spot to pick up milk or juice for the kiddos too. Side note to this one.. they have an amazing breakfast buffet - opt for the earliest time so that you can enjoy the park full of energy all day long. 

* Hopper Tip - Disneyland is always busier than California Adventure. I suggest to start in Disneyland if you are there for Rope Drop if not start with DCA. Remember that there are shows and parades that will take over the evening in both parks so plan accordingly to watch them or maneuver around them timing wise as parts of the park close temporarily or are roped off for parade routes.

* All about the Family - head to family locations that are perfect to rest a newborn, feed a baby or even warm up a bottle, in both parks.  See those locations here and here.  This really helps if you are doing all full day or a few hours.

* Did you know that you can ride the monorail into Disneyland? Catch it at the entrance of Downtown Disney all day from open to close. Get in line and ask the operator if they are allowing riders to sit in front or very back. It's fun all you have to do is ask... it is not too hot and no one has asked before you, you are golden!!


* Follow along on Disneyland's social media... they often do meet ups, giveaways, announcements and random previews. They are super engaging too, so chat and have fun with it, they sometimes give personal shout out's to fans of the Mouse House on line! @DisneylandToday @DisneylandAP @Disneyland

* Cheapest souvenir that is not a free cup but totally worth it - the silhouette cut out on main street - Under $15 for 2 - one for you and maybe one for a family member too! Done fairly quickly and so worth the money for a personalized moment at Disneyland. Located on Main Street on the right about half way down.

* Find a fun photographer and get magical with it. A lot of the photogs around the park love to play around with those up for it! We have our favorite photog at the parks.. see if you can find her. She is usually located near the Hyperion Theater area near the photo op there. We love all the photos she takes and time she spends with us is fast for how many great shots she gets us to pose for!

* Last but not least, for the adults that like to enjoy some alcohol, you can do so inside of California Adventure. There is wine tastings, pairings, beer, margaritas and a secret spot we like to call super Magical but also known as the Cove Bar. Inside DCA - behind Ariel's Grotto you can eat and drink some of the most creative spirits and plates inside the park. Try the lobster nachos! 

There is so much going on to get into the parks but for now a fun reminder...When visiting don't forget to enter the secret code found on display at security check, monorail entrance and park entrance and text to the appropriate number listed at these locations. 

You could be one of the daily or weekly prize winners in celebration of #Disneyland60 !

Disneyland 60 Celebration ends on September 5th with new Magical fun beginning for #Disneyland#61 .

Upgrade your day pass to an AP and get all the fun notifications and access too insider info with event opportunities. Learn more here!

Special needs or Handicap - read about our experience with the DAS Pass (Disability Assistance Service) for Autism.

I hope these tips and tricks of navigating the DLR with some passholder secrets helps you out - let me know what you find helpful and comment below.

Happy Summer and good luck to all who enter our dear friend Let's Play OC 's blogiversary giveaway! We are so happy to be part of this Disneyland Giveaway!

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