Monday, August 15, 2016

One With Nature Just Being a Silly Kid Before School Starts

Wild and Free Climbing Trees - Just the Way I Played When I was a Kid!

After a few weeks of running around and having a lot of summer fun, I decided it was time to get back to the basics, the basics of sitting in the grass, climbing trees, looking at clouds and just relaxing in the fresh air. 

Took the kids with a light snack picnic style and parked it by the green grass and some huge trees. These trees were just swooping down and had branches that looked like thy were asking to be sat on!

You can tell these trees have been here forever, there are love notes, break up notes and all sorts of special secrets written on the old branches. 

We hugged the trees, looked at the clouds and totally did nothing but enjoy just that. 

When is the last time that you took the kids out to just do what you used to do, no electronics, no games, no portable anything.. just the outdoors and climbing, falling, picking up sticks, rocks and imagining everything else about it....

I can not wait for it to cool down a bit so we can do this again and for a bit longer!

Happy almost end of summer everyone.... one more outdoor play before the school year starts!

As soon as I say Back to School Shopping they are going to freak out!

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