Friday, August 12, 2016

Hyundai Sonata Plug-In Hybrid Review

Go hybrid with the Hyundai Sonata plug in limited edition.

I loved life a bit more spending less money on gas...

This super Sleek Hyundai Sonata hybrid amazed me from the inside and out.

The four-door body style is super attractive on the outside and very spacious and roomy on the inside.

I couldn't believe how quiet it was to drive and how I really enjoyed being able to hear myself think when I was alone in the car enjoying it's extremely smooth maneuverability and drive.

So here is the scoop on my lovely week of Hyundai drive fun...

I had the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid for about a week and of course I go all over Southern California in my daily life but I knew at the end of the week I was headed to a conference up in Los Angeles.

I wanted to see how far this we tried to get me so I went electric for most of the time and hit over 375 miles and didn't see the gas gauge move much at all and that friends impressed me like no other.

All week I shuttled my kids around with plenty of space inside and in the trunk for soccer activities , Glee group and back and forth to school and much more but when the weekend came I really was able to test drive the hybrid on the long-distance Drive.

The drive up to Palos Verde was smooth comfortable and actually Super Fun Since the sound system that comes stock with the hybrid is pretty kickin'.

I really like all the details to extra safety measures that Hyundai puts in to each of their vehicles and I felt the safety in every bit of it. I am a very over protective worry wart kind of mama...

I wanted to share some of my favorite features that come standard with the Hyundai Sonata plug-in hybrid limited edition.

* Hyundai offers America's best warranty

* The advanced Safety technology from vehicle stability with traction control 2 Electric ABS brake force and the front side and knee airbags to the rear view camera really complete this hybrid

* A lot of standard comfort and convenience in this package there's 17 inch alloy wheels, HID headlights and led daytime running lights, rear spoiler, push button start, leather seating and heated and ventilated front seats, smart cruise control, navigation system with 8-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth hands-free and so much more

* We were absolutely comfortable with our gear and for people including one car seat and could have easily fit 5

* Seriously fully loaded as standard as it comes for the price point of starting at under $40,000 

* It's a plug-in and I am seriously impressed with this hybrid and how far you can go on the energy you give it and for a Commuter or someone who is always on the go that is wonderful and puts my money further

Huge shout out to Hyundai as they have thoroughly impressed me with all of their features, safety, warranty, luxury and their Sleek look!

You can watch some of my videos of our test drive here.

Keep up to date with all that Hyundai has to offer by following Along on their social media Outlets here and checking out their website here.

I can honestly say now that I am torn between a four door gas saver and a crossover SUV and it's all because I drove this hybrid that got me thinking....

Do you have a Hyundai, please tell me what you think and what your experience has been I'm actually shopping for a new vehicle for the beginning of next year!

Happy summer and happy driving everybody!

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