Monday, September 5, 2016

Pedro's Tacos San Clemente Beach Day Food Perfection

Family Friendly and Totally a Before & After the beach HOT SPOT!

Yum! We had the tasty opportunity to samples some of Pedro's Tacos favorites.

Everything is delish and even better tasting after a long day at the beach. 

I took the kids early enough to taste breakfast and then we also took some to-go in our beach cooler so that we could have a taste after crashing in the waves. 

What I love aside from the affordable price for the fresh cooked eats, that they offer kid friendly options like the beach and cheese burrito, oh I have friends that grab these babies every time and hit the beach.

My kiddos went to town and enjoyed the view while we ate. 

Our Favs and must Try Items:

* Bean and Cheese Burrito - Simplicity at it's tastiest!

* Chorizo Egg and Cheese Burrito - Flavorful and full of everything its supposed to have. You can get it with beans as well. 

* Original Fish Taco - Seriously so light and full of that bite you expect to taste when you eat a traditional fish taco. Only difference is.... it is the same amazing recipe that they started with when they first opened their doors!

* The Tamarind or Jamaica Agua Juices - so yummy and refreshing ice cold! 

We can not wait to get back for more yummy eats.... I think I may take my hubs down for a date night and walk on th ebeack hehe!

A little bit about Pedro's Tacos

In 1986 Pedro’s Tacos launched the first fish taco stand in Orange County, California. The beach town of San Clemente soon saw hungry surfers lining up for the satisfying tacos and burritos, filling themselves after long surf sessions. Friends told friends, and soon people traveled from near and far to enjoy the delicious and craveable specialties found only at Pedro’s

Today with five locations, Pedro’s celebrates thirty years in business and continues to maintain the high quality and original flavors of the early days. For generations, fans have known about Pedro’s quality, value and unique flavors.

The tacos and burritos start with soft, warm tortillas filled with crispy battered cod, garlic-marinated grilled shrimp, tender seasoned chicken or marinated steak, and even chorizo and eggs for breakfast. Fresh salsas and guacamole are made daily from scratch. The Pedro’s Tacos experience is a genuine representation of the Southern California vibe.

Three decades and millions of customers later, Pedro’s remains a classic. The original fish taco stand. . .still standing!

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