Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Birthday Fun at Pump It Up Lake Forest Perfect for All Ages

Happy New Year... Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy! 

This past weekend we spent some quality time together celebrating my son's 5th birthday. 

We are so happy that we were able to invite his family, cousins and a few friends out to Pump It Up in Lake Forest for some bouncing, jumping, laughing and silly fun. 

I love that they have special deals. Not only for parties but for days of the week like date night, parents night out, drop in, open jump and holiday specials too. 

Their birthday party packages are spot on for the timing of fun as well as price for quantity of kids.

I mean for a private and safe party it doesn't get much better.. and it's indoors!

Hide and Seek!

If you want to add to the base package of your party you can. We opted for the 20 person party with 2 pizza slices and a drink for each kiddo. I also love that I was able to bring in the veggie, fruit trays, pretzels and chips for the adults. We also brought in his cupcakes. 

The party was perfect and the level of care and customer service that was given to my kiddo as well as my guests was awesome. I have a hot tip for you too! 

**If you have a need for anything that is sensory or special needs please feel free to advise in advance, they are VERY accommodating! 

Our Top 5 Favs of Our Event at Pump It Up Lake Forest:

* Ease of Booking, sending invites via email they provide and confirming the final count day or two before. 
* Autism Friendly - Sensory Friendly - Adjust environment accordingly. 

* Time Frame of Party - the 2 hour time frame is really perfect for burning energy and a successful party with little clean up and not much to do on the hosts end at all!
* The cost value for the benefit of seeing all those kids, parents and my birthday boy smile huge was priceless!

* Added bonus.. ALL AGE Friendly!

Oh hey did you know that Pump It Up is opening up a new location in Anaheim?! Check out all the details of the Lake Forest and New location on their web site HERE now. 

Happy 2017.. make is fun, family filled and positive!

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