Monday, January 16, 2017

Trader Joe's Now Open at Pretend City - Shopping and Learning EduFun

Pretend City has revealed their newly renovated grocery store exhibit, sponsored by Trader Joe’s! 

A head-to-toe renovation brought many new additions to this popular exhibit, including:
* Trader Joe’s produce areas
* A Play “demo” area
* Interactive registers (store bells and all!)
* Trader Joe’s Crew Member Hawaiian shirts
* Trader Joe’s branded products as props
Visit with your kiddos to play & welcome Trader Joe’s into Pretend City! 

Let your children be some of the first ones to “shop” in our brand new exhibit....

We missed the grand opening so we are so excited to head over soon to Pretend City to check out the Trader Joe's exhibit! 

Get all the info on the new exhibit here.
Happy Edufun friends, 

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