Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Exciting Groundbreaking News for LEGOLAND CA Resort in 2017


There are so many changes coming to LEGOLAND CA in this new year!

2017 is going to bring massive bricktastic fun, additions and so much more to the love of all things LEGOLAND CA...

Are you ready?

Here is what we know so far...

****UPDATED 3pm 1.18.17****

* New HOTEL - Groundbreaking of this new kingdom begins today! A wizard, knight and a princess were on hand to help LEGOLAND CA Resort officially break ground on North America's first LEGOLAND Castle Hotel! 
 ~ Will have 250 premium rooms! 
 ~ 20 Suites 
 ~ Castle experience from walking into the Grand Hall to Dining in the Amazing Royal Restaurant.
 ~ Pool side entertainment 
 ~ Room Themes :
     In the Knight rooms, guests are surrounded by dragons and knights as they prepare to go into battle to defend the king’s castle and protect the king’s treasure.

     In the Princess rooms, woodland animals such as butterflies, squirrels, owls and song birds all made of LEGO, of course, are found. 
     In the Wizard rooms, guests discover how magic is used to protect the king’s treasure with the use of giggling potions and spells.

WOW we can not wait to check these rooms out!

More Hotel News... Other unique features to LEGOLAND Castle Hotel include a slide in the lobby for kids, LEGO building stations in each children’s sleeping area, interactive play elements in the expansive courtyard, interactive water play features by the pool, premium entertainment from LEGOLAND characters, a LEGOLAND retail store, a separate Park entrance just for hotel guests and LEGO models themed specifically to each room type.

* The new LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens Miniland Model Display opens to the public in March 2017 just in time for spring break and will kick off the fan-favorite LEGO® Star Wars™ Days on March 4 and 5 in 2017.

* LEGOLAND surfers announced little guests can ride their first wave in Surfer’s Bay opening in time for summer 2017! This competitive water raceway is designed for children to compete against each other by jumping on a mat and racing down one of six water slides in this California beach themed expansion of LEGOLAND Water Park. Surfer’s Bay includes a new “spray ground” with multiple water jets splashing on and off and plenty of new LEGO models to create a fun place to cool off next summer.

* Also opening in 2017: LEGO® NINJAGO™ rooms at LEGOLAND Hotel! Immersing hotel guests in the popular LEGO NINJAGO universe, they will be able to sleep in the company of Cole, Nya, Kai and Lloyd and other cool LEGO ninjas throughout 18 premium themed rooms and two premium themed suites. The NINJAGO rooms are replacing kingdom themed rooms in preparation of the new LEGO Castle themed hotel opening in 2018. 

* More news?! We will keep updating this post will all things LEGOLAND to come!

Happy Mid-Week, 

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