Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Orange County Soccer Club Military Appreciation Game This Saturday

Have you been to a professional local soccer game?!

We attended our first Orange County Soccer Club game last weekend and had the best family time at the Great Park in Irvine!  

There's plenty for everyone to do pre game. A free jump house for littles and kick soccer aim game for all and plenty of stadium style eats and drinks.
I love that their home games are played locally at the Great Park. The beautiful  scenery is perfect for a family play day before the game or an evening walk after the games. 
 Soccer has been huge in our family since my dad played professional futbol in Greece for Club team Olympiakos. One of his last games before coming to the United States was in Greece against Santos, PelĂ©'s club team! I guess the love of soccer is just in my blood.

Growing up my brother and I were coached by our soccer player dad and we often attended professional matches as a family and or team. Best memories ever.
Now that my brother and I have played college, coached in the same region we played in and have kiddos of our own playing this wonderful sport, we want everyone to get a taste of how awesome a local soccer match can be!
Supporting this growing sport is not just because we love the game but because we, as a family, believe Soccer brings confidence, teamwork, individual goals, life long friendships and grows ones morals and values with the right direction from an amazing point of view...the open green field where anything is possible to make happen.
My own daughter has a big dream she works very hard towards... playing on the US Women's World Cup team! I believe in her and love that soccer brings us closer as a family supporting her goals.
We are so excited that we have a local professional soccer team to cheer on and what makes me want to support them even more is the giveback opportunities they are already involved in.
Here is the schedule as of right now...

This up coming Saturday, tomorrow, our gents have a tough match to play. This will be their biggest game yet.
They will take on the Phoenix Rising which will be featuring Didier Drogba and for you Soccer fans ... you know he is a huge icon in the Soccer world.
OCSC has partnered up with the O.C. Fair and will have games and other festivities for families in their home stadium for the remainder of this season and beyond!!
But... I love this!! Saturday will be the first Military Appreciation Day!
OCSC has partnered up with Non-Profit Organizations and can happily to say they have distributed over 1,000 Tickets to Military Families to come and watch the game this Saturday!!
They will have Hero's of the game, a color guard before the first kick and much much more...
I hope you all take a moment to look into OCSC and come out to a game and if you want to support and giveback too please see below packages you too can purchase as a gift to Military Families.


Yes - you all know we're a futbol family.. but growing up playing the sport has only made me realize that it's growing fast in popularity because of the value it brings to individual and family & on an international level!
I mean what other sport brings you athletes from all over the world, multiple countries, ethnicities and cultures all for one purpose... the love of the game!

For more information on tickets and this great soccer organization please visit
Hope to see you at a match too soon...

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