Monday, July 3, 2017

We Are Official Citizens of Ghost Town Alive at Knott's Berry Farm & You Can Be Too!

Ghost Town Alive at Knott's Berry Farm is Back!

Grab your boots, hats, badges and decide if you're going to help the Mayor keep Ghost Town safe or join in on the Mayfield's outlaw gang running a muck! 

We have been to Knott's Berry Farm so many times, we always return to America's First Theme Park, because we love it's nostalgic feeling.
Visiting Knott's is always a family fun time but we have never experienced Knott's Berry Farm like this before!
Thanks to Knott's we were able to experience Ghost Town Alive for the first time. To say that it won't be our last is totally true...
From our 5 year old to my dad (he's a huge Knott's fan at the young age of 76) and all of us in between we couldn't get enough of the interactive experience of Ghost Town Alive.

Immediately when you walk into Ghost Town (I think it's most fun to enjoy it all so get there early) the entertaining story line begins.

Rushing past us there were Cowboys and Outlaws followed by the Sheriff. They were rushing to Town Hall for a huge announcement with the Mayor!
Now I can't tell you everything but I can tell you that we totally followed to see what was going on.
Rushing past us there were Cowboys and Outlaws followed by the Sheriff. They were rushing to Town Hall for a huge announcement with the Mayor!
We got the scoop on what's going down, who is the center of attention and where we can go to be advised how to help.
From the stops along the way to the hidden secret clues, Ghost Town Alive is filled with hours for interactive treasures to keep the family totally entertained.
There are even requests made by the citizens of Ghost Town & you can be part of the live fun in so many ways.

Deliver a letter to help out the Pony Express or take a secret message by hand note to the Mayor from the Sheriff himself!
Don't forget to catch all the shows that remind us all of our youth like the Wild West Stunt Show & experience something new like the Snoopy's Magnificent Magical Review.

There is always something for everyone with rides too. We always have to check out my boys favs in Camp Snoopy and check height for Ghost Rider!
This visit we made the cut and all four of us rode Ghost Rider for Mikey's first time!
Always fun to take a break in between the Ghost Town Alive fun, rides & festive food to catch the evening Hoedown!
We were able to meet and greet some of the days favorites like the Fastest Pony Express Rider, Sheriff and Mayor.

Ghost Town Alive is such a fun way to experience Knott's Berry Farm!
Here are some of our favs of our first time playing with the Citizens of Ghost Town:
* Very interactive and everyone stays well beyond in character providing a true to the theme experience.

* The best part was being part of Ghost Town Alive by actually becoming sworn in citizens. So much fun to take the oath and sign the book!

* Seeing my kids and my dad enjoying some of their most favorite things together. Bringing all ages together for interactive family fun. Priceless. 

* Food - as usually I have to saw we loved our traditional bbq corn on the cob and loaded funnel cake.... don't forget the Boysenberry Must Have Pie.
There are so many amazing foodie tastes at Knott's we pick a few each visit and wash them down either our favorite, Berry Punch!

* Autism and Sensory friendly. Yes! This was amazingly perfect for my son on the autism spectrum. It was great to see him so interactive and plying along to the part! He was talking to the outlaws and even took the Sheriff's hat and ran... he was declared part of the Mayfield's and a thief! It was awesome to see it all go down as his mama.

I love that it's Knott's, there is so much entertainment, so you pick and choose what your family can do best between shows for sensory breaks and thrill rides for sensory seeking. Their assistance pass for rides is handy for special needs and easy to use.
* My dad's face was the best ever. He was chatting with the Cowboys and showing off his mustache at the request of everyone in Ghost Town! He loved it, I loved it.
We love taking my dad out with us to places he and my mama used to take us.... here was what he said was his best part of the day...

"My best part of course was talking to the "lawmen" and "outlaws". Also, the Wild West shooting stunt show & walking around reminded me of our visits long ago when you were kids." - Papou


I couldn't have asked for a better first time experience. Running around Ghost Town Alive being part of the action, handing off Pony Express Deliveries, having my son interacting while smiling... all of it... a memory for the books!
I hope you too get a chance to visit Knott's Berry Farm this Summer.  More info an get ticket HERE and catch our recap on YouTube HERE!
Ghost Town Alive runs though September 4th and there are discount coupons at McDonalds.
We will definitely be back for more cops and robbers live in action with Ghost Town Alive at Knott's Berry Farm... get social too with #GhostTownAlive #MyGhostTownAlive #KnottsGhostTown

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