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Great Wolf Lodge Attractions for Everyone To Enjoy - PLUS Tips for Your Visit! #GWLSoCal

HOOOOWLLLLL! I mean.. Wow!
Did you know there is so much more to Great Wolf Lodge in addition to the amazing indoor Water Park!?

The hottest non water attractions around & we were privileged to explore them all thanks to Great Wolf Lodge Southern California!
Oh I totally surprised my daughter with 10th birthday festivities with this one! (Thank you for the invite to explore more attractions at GWL)

Everyone always wants to hit the Waterpark when they visit Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove... we always do too!
But... have you ever taken the time to slow down your visit and explore the attractions around you open early & that close late?!

This opens the doors to so much more to do inside in one place with your family.
From the magical explorer to the bowling pro your family will find something for everyone to call a favorite!
Since our visit we have had a few days to soak it all in... there really is so much to do and we all have our own favorites...
Here is a fun run-down of the attractions but keep reading to find out what my 10yo and 12yo niece thought of their second visit but first time playing the attractions.
MagiQuest - Explore the Lodge as you complete your quest.

MagiQuest is hours of fun for everyone and all over the resort grounds.

Howl at the Moon Glow Golf - Super family friendly indoor miniature golf with a twist... funky lights & glow.

Ten Paw Alley - Extreme fun with indoor blowing. Smaller bowling balls and half size lanes.

Northern Lights Arcade - Show off your gaming skills while you rack up tickets for fun prizes.

Okay so now that you know all about the attractions (and thereare more - see here) it's easy to see why we spent over 5.5 hours playing out of the water!!
I asked the kids a few questions about their day and play. They have both been to Great Wolf Lodge but neither of them have taken on any of the attractions but spent over 24 hrs in the water!
An interview with OnTheGoOCKid -
Was this your first time and if not what was different about this time?
- This was my 3rd time and first time playing around the fun inside but not all day at the water park. My uncle works as a lifeguard there so one day was visiting him and riding water slides with him all day.

What was your favorite attraction of the non water play activities?
- I really loved doing all the attractions. I've never been black light mini golfing and loved it.

MagiQuest was overall the best for everyone cause it lasted our whole visit! We played all over every floor and returned to play after lunch too!

My favorite was the Ten Paw Alley. It was so funny to see how we all wanted to win and everyone was sad when the game ended.
We all wanted to play anther game! I was the winner so that was added bonus to my fun.

The arcade is always exciting to win tickets for prizes. I love to get candy for my brother as a surprise!
Did anything stand out to you as super cool or must do for other kids that may visit?
- The Bowling! I loved that the ball was smaller, lighter, cooler looking and could fit in any size hands!! We even put the bumpers up to see how that would go for my little brother next time he visits! It's sensory and autism friendly. Not too loud, not in the dark and all ages can play together.
How was the food and snacks they have to offer for guests that you did taste?
- Yum! We ate Mac n Cheese and corn -dogs too. I had the pizza for dinner before and also liked that and it's big! Everything was so good. I liked the desserts too.

Anything else you'd like to add in?
- Thank you to Great Wolf Lodge for inviting us to play. I had a Howling birthday and I can't wait to come back with my brother to play him in a few games at Ten Paw Alley before we splash and swim. I think I'm going to start saving my tickets to get a bigger prize in the arcade too.

We'll that's that! I agree!!
I really could not have said much more other than MagiQuest really is hours of exploring entertainment. Great Wolf Lodge had really done a creative job of having stops throughout the resort and providing the ability to customize your wand makes the fun special too.
I myself loved the day. It was perfect. The only thing I wouldn't have done is well left the building!! I really can't tell you how fast the time goes when you are visiting GWL. I did not want to leave.
I think part of me said I'm checking in after I toured the themed rooms. I seriously could not even take my kiddos up there with me or I would not have him gotten them out of the beds!
The room is perfection with the rooms having that woodsy GWL touch yet a modernly furnished main room.
There are two types of themed suites that I saw on my visit. I fell in love with both.
One sleeps 8 and one sleeps 7.
The 8 person has 2 bunk beds in the kids nook sleeping 4 with an additional 2 beds for 4 more total. 
The 7 person sleeps 3 kids in bunks in the nook and has 2 beds that sleep 4 more total.

Ideal for larger families, multiple families traveling together or just extra space, these themes suites are top notch in the Wolf Den of all Pac Dens!

Check out more deets on the themed rooms here.
Find out how you can play above and beyond with the many attractions here and other activities too - here.
Reserve rooms here.
Always stay connected with email for best deals here and on social media here and here.
See our recap YouTube video here.

Leave your towels at home & end summer with your own wolf pack visiting the wolf dens and Lodge!

A few Tips for the water park...
* No Need for a towel
* Measure at the door so that you know what height your littles are and what water rides they can go on. They will get a wristband for pack members to know. There is a perfect toddler area!

* Splash Under the BUCKET... you just have to!
* Showers are great and there are co-ed, family, and unisex bathrooms.
* Play in the Lodge and in the water park before your room is ready and stay after check out to pay more until close that evening.
* If you want to feel like you have a spot to rest after check out - reserve a cabana!

* Have a tip - share it in the comments so I can add it in too!
Happy howling of a good time!!

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