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Here Ye Here Ye The #LegolandCastleHotel is Now Open... Our Favorite Surprises Plus a Lego #Giveaway

Calling Everyone in the Kingdom! The Legoland Castle Hotel is Now Open...

Thank you to Legoland CA for having us out for their Grand Opening of the awesome Castle Hotel!
We had so much fun, there is a lot to see and do... we didn't want to leave. Yes, that means all of us.. adults too! 
I wanted to share everything about the Legoland Castle Hotel... our favorites yes that means everything!!

From entertainment daily & nightly to the on site full service dining... I don't want to leave anything out. We loved every moment. So much effort goes into a daily presentation like this and the Lego team does it so well!
Let's start with the overall experience you can have at the Legoland Castle Hotel....

* 250 premium LEGO Castle themed rooms with your choice of Knights & Dragons, Royal Princess or Magic Wizard
Each room is magically themed and unique.

Take a look inside our room in more detail here.

Oh also they are energy efficient... place your Key in the holder at entry and your lights will all work, leave and they turn off if you forget!
* LEGO Castle d├ęcor throughout the hotel.
Look at the floors for games and don't forget to keep an eye out for bad knights! They hide pretty well... see our video here.
* Located right at the main entrance of LEGOLAND California. Steps to security line.

* New themed restaurant - Dragon’s Den Restaurant & Bar.

You don't have to stay at the Castle Hotel to dine here but if you do... breakfast is free!

There is also a full bar so take in the accommodations, relax, let the kids play and enjoy a drink too!

* Ultimate Kid's Quarters- Separate kids' area with LEGO building tables and scavenger hunt in every room!

Scavenger Hunt Complete?

Unlock the magical code for a surprise inside your personal treasure box in room.  (Hint to giveaway below)

* Enhanced Pool Area- 

Zero entry pool featuring interactive water play features and whirlpool spa. Pool heated year-round to 84° ... let's swim!
* Entertainment Courtyard- Play zones for kids of all ages including a DUPLO tot spot, slides!

Oh Don't miss the outdoor stage and cinema with seating and lawn area.
Some of the rooms have this view of the Movie Screen in the Royal Courtyard!


This is perfect any time of day but really had my kids in the evening after swimming in the relaxation mode. (you can experience the Royal Courtyard without staying at the Castle Hotel... How awesome is Legoland Ca?! Right!)

* Playful Surprises- From talking portraits to musical seats, there is fun around every corner! Don't leave anything untouched and knock on everything that looks like it's waiting for a knock!
A few tips... for autism and sensory.
Be sure to bring personal items for comfort. If you typically bring headphones they may be needed for the entertainment in courtyard but the kids will love it. Very interactive.
If there is an issue with elevators or heights, call when booking to advise that you may need a ground floor for sensory ease. But be sure to check out the elevators for fun surprises.
Dietary.. feel free to bring what you need. We actually wanted to eat dinner but our son was having so much fun in the Courtyard he just wouldn't be able to sit at the dining table at Dragons Den.

The staff was amazing. They noticed that one of us needed to stay with one of our kids so they helped us take our meal, that was barley eaten, outside so that we could dine as a family but keep an eye on our son.
There is direct line entry to the security check in. Less line more time to enter the park (30 mins early if staying at Castle Hotel ask for your pop badge button) and ask about the assistance pass for the day.
The pool... don't worry.. not only will you be able to see your kiddos from all angles, they have strict rules, safety first. I love it. At no time may any child be in the spa area without a relative adult and they keep eye on this as they respectfully should.

Also there is a height requirement of 48" to not wear a life vest. It doesn't matter if you can swim... it's be height. I think it's great since there are big lego bricks to play with and a water dump bucket area... so safety is key.
Safety in general... the hotel Courtyard is pretty easy to navigate around. The entire hotel is shaped like a U. There is one main way in with one main way out. There are a few side gates all the way to the back so always keep an eye on your kiddos but it was easy and fun to let our kids play freely while seeing them at all times from one end to other or the middle!
A Unique Check In Entry to the Hotel....
Entry way and reservation desk.

This is amazing for all but I know my son can't always wait as long as my daughter for us to check in.

In the registration area there is a huge lego play area as well as a big slide to entertain littles of all ages.

There are also many ways to explore on the ground level!
Discover Lego Jail, the Royal Chair and of course the Jestures Joke door.

With so much to see and do there was little down time and it was totally okay!
We did not want to miss a thing...
I would totally suggest looking into two nights if you are visiting the Legoland Theme Park during your stay.
If you want to just enjoy everything Lego and resort style fun then I think a local can do a night stay and soak up all the offerings of the Hotel itself.
There are even a few things you can enjoy without being a hotel guest. Aside from the Royal Courtyard.... Remember Dragon's Den all day full service dining plus bar. There are also nightly improv with Jesters in the Dragon's Den!

I was amazed at all there is to do on site and on hand for everyone so that we were enjoying it all together.
We can not wait to return and explore more... we didn't find all the bad knights and my kids were on a mission now we need to complete soon!
What are you most looking forward to seeing or doing at the new Legoland CA Castle Hotel!?
When planning your visit... save time for everything and add some time to that.. each activity is so bricktastic you will not want to stop.
What's Coming to Legoland in 2018?
Shhhhh.... here are some insider photos and details on the new submarine water ride coming to Legoland this year!

Voyage into salt water and sealife on Lego City Deep Sea Adventure! Take a voyage on a submarine exploring through a Lego Shipwreck.

Guess what?! There will be REAL sea animals in the water of the ride so that you can use a touch screen in the submarine to help the Lego Mini Figure Dive team discover jewels, gems, pearls and more!

We can not wait to take our plunge and dive into the Lego Sealife this summer! More details as they become available but these are some behind the scenes shots!
It's that time.... Giveaway!
So while we were blessed to be at the opening ceremonies both of my kids received a Lego set that is found inside the treasure box within each guest's room.
Enter Below to win one of those sets and also a pop badge we've been gifted from experiences at Legoland Ca!

Paying it forward is best and I'm thankful for each of you supporting my blog and social outlets!
Good luck all!
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Happy summer family fun planning all - we can not wait to see your experience so post on social! 

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