Friday, June 22, 2018

We're Fans of Lazy Dog and All Their Eats! Do you have a Foodie Fave?

Love at First Bite! Thanks Lazy Dog for a Tasty Perfect First Visit!

Okay so we totally love Lazy Dog!! Have you been?

I love the d├ęcor and the welcoming feeling everyone gets walking in...

So right off the bat I may as well say that I can not even tell you a favorite... I really did enjoy every bite and for different reasons. I have to admit that I would totally order all of the items we tried over and over again and I am not going to lie... I want to try a few more dishes so I am happily going to return.
Spring leads to summer and that surrounds us with fresh light bites as well as flavorful herbs and spices. Lazy Dog does all of those and more just right.

From the moment you review the menu you can tell that not only is there a variety of eats from veggies to decadent salmon but there is also everything in between.. including make it yourself pizzas for the kids! WHAT?! I know Right!
I totally want to break down the amazing food we sampled before our Taylor Swift concert at the West Covina location. I also want to give an huge shout out to Miguel the Ast.Manager and Matt our server who is just really cool... ask for him!
Lets get down to the eats.. right...
Street corn Wheels, grilled with lime garlic Queso blanco Tajin and cilantro
First-timer garlic parmesan seasoned fries

Slow cooker lentil soup, lentils onions celery carrots tomatoes garlic bay leaves coriander thyme Curry Crema

Burrata + roasted beet salad, creamy burrata cheese field greens candied walnuts heirloom tomatoes crushed sweet peaches and sea salt
Burrata and heirloom tomato crisp, pomodoro sauce pesto creamy burrata cheese parmesan Romano balsamic reduction chili oil and fresh basil

Grilled lemon chicken, marinated grilled boneless chicken breast, cauliflower mash, sauteed green beans, heirloom tomatoes, almond Walnut crumble, tahini sauce on the side
Peach raspberry hand pie, cinnamon and sugar salted caramel sauce served warm with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream

Lemon cake Gluten Sensitive, lemon buttercream, almond flour vanilla cake, Huckleberry, lemon curd and whipped cream

Wok fried calamari in a plum sauce with peanuts bell peppers and steamed rice

Thai noodles with shrimp, ground chicken tofu peanut stir fried egg bean sprouts and peanut sauce

Tell me your mouth is not watering?! Mine too....
We love the interior, we adore the furry friendly patio and the fire pit that was welcoming. The whole thought behind a menu that compliments the theme from the roots up. Love Lazy Dog lots!
I also wanted to mention the Kid friendly side of things. The staff seemed to be super keen on sensory friendly and hands on activities for each kiddo to do.

Not only is that awesome but the interior changes at each location so finding a nice sport for sensory is easy.. indoor or outdoor.
Hot Tip... There are T.V's all over in the bar that can be seen from anywhere so be sure to make it a family fun time for good eats anytime.
Hot Tip 2 hehe... Their kitchen is brilliantly broken into sections for the purpose of not cross cooking or mixing while cooking the dishes offered. This is wonderful for allergy, taste, freshness and just dedication to taste!
Have you been? What are some of your favorites that I just must try?!
Happy Eating...

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