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Everything You Need To Know About GoRving! #GoRving #Camping

Why RV?! #GoRVing Is Perfect For Family Travel!

What do you know about RVing!? Right... me too.. well that is up until we spent an amazing 4 days at the Yosemite Lakes RV Resort at Thousand Trails Base Camp with GoRving!
Thanks to an amazing sponsored trip we were able to experience so many adventures outdoors!

Full recap of our Yosemite Lakes RV Resort stay with GoRving here.
For this recap I wanted for really give you all an insight on the GoRving options I didn't know there was...
Let's dive in to RV Types:
You can pull some trailers with the family car and store it in your garage. Or, try one a little bit bigger that has a full kitchen and bath. Trailers start $6,000.
Motorhomes are great for families that want to feel like they’re at home, even when riding down the road. Passengers often enjoy playing games at the dinette table, watching TV, or relaxing on the couch. Motorhomes have lots of storage space and come in all sizes and price ranges. Starts at $60,000 and can be financed up to 15 years OR rent one starting around $150 a day.
Park Model RV (this is what we stayed in... see recap and video here)
A great way to try camping is to stay in a park model RV, sometimes called Park Model Cabins. These are fully-loaded cabins built on an RV chassis and located in many campgrounds in the U.S. Most have A/C, heat, a full kitchen & bathroom, bedroom, grill, fire pit, porch and more – super comfortable and you still have access to all the campground activities. It’s also a great way for anyone with a disability to go camping. See our tour of this option here.

RVing – Popularity:
More than 22 million Americans will RV this year!
Why it's so popular...
27-62% less expensive than traditional travel with air, hotel, restaurants
Bring all the comforts of home, including your pets!
Enjoy quality time with your kids building lasting memories
Spend time outdoors in a healthy environment
You make your own meals and manage your diet while on vacation
Less stressful – no long lines at the airport / lugging baggage in and out of hotels
You can take shorter vacations more often
There are more than 18,000 campgrounds in America with something for everyone
Spas, vineyards, beach, mountains, kid-friendly, seniors, etc.
The manufacturing success story
Bureau of Labor Statistics named Elkhart, Ind. as having the best employment growth rate in the country (6.9%) vs the U.S. average (1.6%)
The industry employs 290,000 people with total wages exceeding $15.8 billion.
The industry’s total economic impact is $50 billion.
We totally felt like home away from home but really relaxed!

RV Travel –
An estimated 9.5 million American households now own an RV – the highest level ever recorded.
More than 11% of U.S. households headed by 35-54 year olds own an RV, making them the largest demographic of RV owners.
The average age of an RVer in America is 48 years old
2017 was the best year ever with more than 500,000 RVs shipped
RV Savings (source: PKF Vacation Cost Comparison Study)
Airfare, hotels, restaurants, pet boarding and other expenses are eliminated with RV travel.
A vacation for a family of four is 27-62 less expensive with RV travel over other forms of travel.
A two-person travel group saves 11-48% over other forms of travel
74% of RV owners say RV vacations cost less than other forms of travel
61 % of RV owners save on boarding fees and bring their pets along on trips — dogs (92%) and cats (14%) lead, with birds, gerbils, fish and even horses joining the family trip
RV Health Benefits:
74% of RVers say they’re more physically active on an RV trip
76% said their children are more active
92% prepare two or more meals per day in their RV.  Preparing healthy meals instead of eating restaurant food is cited as a major benefit
RV Destinations:
74% of RVers plan to visit a national park this year and 75% say they’ll visit a state park
66% plan to visit historic site this year
21% of RV owners are engaging in “seasonal” camping where owners leave their RV parked at one location for the season and travel back and forth to it using a family car.  Many dealers will deliver it to a campground or designated location.
A growing number of luxury RV resorts offer tennis courts, pickleball, golf courses, health spas and concierge style services

RVers & Favorite Activities (according to the 2017 Campfire Canvass Survey)
Sightseeing – 76%
Cooking out — 75%
Visiting friends and family — 60%
Hiking — 55%
Fishing — 50%
Visiting festivals or fairs — 45%
Football tailgating is huge with RVers — 53% college; 39% professional; 7% high school
30% had someone in the family tent camping while others in their party slept in the RV
RV and New Technology:
RV manufacturers are introducing energy-efficient appliances, eco-friendly chemical and cleaning products, as well as solar & wind-powered equipment.
RVs produced today are smaller, lighter, more aerodynamic and fuel-efficient. Some motorhomes get up to 18 miles per gallon.
20% of RVs are equipped with solar panels
There are eco-friendly RVs made with ZERO wood with all LED lighting and appliances that are certified eco-friendly with all-composite construction.
Find out everything there is to know about RVing at GoRVing.com! Get our full recap of our Yosemite Lakes RV Resort vacation and why we would do it all over again... here!

Happy Traveling!

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