Sunday, October 28, 2018

5 Family Favorites At Adeventure City's Bootastic Halloween Event

We Loved Adventure City's Bootastic Halloween Event

In Orange County there are always a lot of family fun activities to seek out. New to us this year was Adventure City's Bootastic Halloween event.
Our family had so much fun at this event and we feel Adventure City did an amazing job all around.

Here are our favorites and tips on the event, Keeping Autism friendly in mind, Bootasic was great for all ages and families.
* Short Lines and this is number one for us. For sensory and autism friendly this was perfect. Music not over bearing nor were the decorations. Perfect for all ages.

* Plenty of Time to get through all the stops on your adventure card to do list. Compete all with a stamp and receive extra candy on the way out!

* Interactive with Dance Party was super fun and the glow lights were pletnyful for all.

Makes it really enjoyable to see the staff doing such an amazing job at entertaining the kids...and some adults too hehe!
* Kids Side Show Scientist was funny and edufun. Quirky and educational it's a fun show that goes every 20 min or so.. good stop by to snack on candy and meet the scientist!
* Treat Trail Candy was good stuff per my kids and lots of it! Parents can join in too!

Again what I appreciated most was that the event was not oversold and overcrowded!
They really do appreciate family time and make the effort to show that during events like this when other places can get extremely overwhelming with crowds!

We are looking forward to next years event and hope that you can get tickets before they sell our to check it out too.

At under $25 it's a really great value and night out with the family.
Hot tip.. dietary needs can be met with the outside food needed allowed in and that helps with my picky eater while the rest of us enjoyed a hot dog and popcorn.
Happy Halloween fun all! 

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