Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Dana Wharf Whale Watching Experience Tips & Review Plus #Giveaway

Calling all Whale Watching Fans...

 Dana Wharf Whale Watching is a Family Fun Outing Must!

It's hard for us to find something fun for us to do days after the Christmas New Year craze... but... it's our boys birthday just days after New Years!
This year we were so grateful that Dana Wharf Whale Watching invited us to come on board for a tour.
My son loves the ocean, who am I kidding, we all do! For his birthday we surprised him with an early morning tour out.

We were so impressed with the Captain and his knowledge as well as clarity when speaking about the sealife he would do his best for us to see. The crew is great!
It was an amazing treat to see more than 500 dolphins swimming around us. The most precious of moments to me is seeing the kids faces when they see a massive humpback whale next to the boat.
See video here.

Whale watching is really a beautiful experience and it's not guaranteed you will see a whale. There is just something about being on the open ocean that is calming and peaceful.
Tips for your trip..
* we liked the early departure time of 10am.
During winter it was not too cold not too hot from the moment we took off to return to dock

* bring a sweater or blanket. It's not that you will be cold on a typical day in SoCal but you are on a boat on the ocean. The boat will return quicker than it departed so while you may not be cold on the way out you just may be on the way back. (Mostly a tip for littles or those who get cold easily)
* bring a snack or get one on board. There a snack bar down below with drinks too but you can always bring your own special needs too.
* autism friendly. The 2 hour ride is perfect. There is plenty to see and explain while you are exploring the ocean and land on your side. There is an indoor seating space below that can be used for less noise and less wind. It's a lot of fun. Just come prepared for your own kiddo, you know best. My son is just 7yo and loved it!
* arrive early. Line up is important since you want a good seat on the boat. I suggest arriving at least 30 minutes prior to departure! Also note that you can move freely about for better viewing as you'd like when safe to do so. Always have 3 points of grounding while on the boat. Two feet and a hand or two hands and a foot!

* bring your camera. While I suggest purchasing their DVD so you can see a bird's eye view via mostly Aerial drone... of course bring your camera and whatever other video you'd like to capture the moments of ocean life of our beautiful SoCal coast.
For more details and of course to register please visit here.

Check out Dana Warf Whale Watching in action here on their YouTube!

It's the perfect time to kick off the New Year with a Giveaway too. Thanks to Dana Wharf for the family 4 pack of whale watching tickets. Enter below for your chance to win.
Good Luck All


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