Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Locca Churros + Tea Opens Inside Union Market Mission Viejo at Kaleidoscope & We LOVE it all...

I am Loca for Locca!

Okay so did I just call my self carzy? I did....
I am totally crazy or loca over Locca Churros and Tea! Have you heard about this new little secret spot?
Well it's not that secret it's just new and a must try!

I was able to give Locca a try after a mom meet up last week. All opinions are my own and I am super grateful to Locca for inviting us to try their goodness out.
I really enjoyed how fresh and full of flavor the Locca teas and milk teas are. I also appreciate that they didn't look at me like I was totally loca (I can drop that pun all day) that I asked for No Boba... I know right.. just have to be in the mood.
It makes me smile when an owner takes such pride in the magic behind the scenes to bring us what we taste. Aside from the fresh churros that make your mouth just water, the toppings are nothing short of customizable and delish.
Pile on the different creative ingredients on top of fresh churned ice cream made in socal to bring the most creamy bite to each spoonful.

I found myself saying wow... the kids are going to love these churros too... better than (dare I say it...) Disney churros. Whelp there, I said it. It's true... fresh, warm, packed with sugar and cinnamon and there is something about the batter used.... its addictive. I couldn't stop..
Here are more deets on the new location and all that is offered. I can't wait to get the kids back so they can create and taste too.
Hot off the press....
Locca Churros + Tea, which offers handcrafted tea drinks, bubble teas and made-to-order churros using fresh ingredients, has opened inside Union Market Mission Viejo at Kaleidoscope.

Locca recently purchased the popular Milk Box location at Kaleidoscope and is still serving the award-winning boba and milk tea menu that Milk Box was known for, along with new tea drinks Crazy Brown Milk Tea, Strawberry Jasmine Tea, Strawberry Matcha Tea, New topping options include Popping Boba Strawberry, Lychee Coconut Jelly, Fruit Mix Jelly, and Popping Boba Mango. Drink prices start at $3.50.

Locca has also introduced fresh-made churros and ice cream. Churros, made fresh to order, are available with cinnamon sugar or dipped in real Belgium chocolate, and can be ordered with ice cream and a selection of toppings. Churros start at $4.50.
“Southern California is an epicenter of great food and food trends, and we hope to add to that, with our carefully handcrafted, freshly made churros, teas and boba,” said co-founder Emre Yenici. “These are the perfect drinks and snacks to enjoy with friends, business colleagues at lunch, or as dessert after enjoying a meal, movie or other entertainment with your family here at Kaleidoscope.”
Locca Churros + Tea is part of Union Market Mission Viejo on the upper level of Kaleidoscope, at 27741 Crown Valley Pkwy., adjacent to the 5 Fwy., in Mission Viejo. For more information, call 949.420.9191 or visit 
Happy Churro creating and Tea drinking all.... enjoy. Let me know what you end up trying and tag Locca on social with #LoccaLove .
Great Photo Opp at Union Market Near Locca!

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