Friday, April 26, 2019

Hogwarts Castle Overcome by Dark Arts Experience at Universal Studios Hollywood is Wizarding - A Must See! #DarkArts

Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle Is A Must See In Person

It's whimsically magical, with a twist of dark wizardry, the Dark Arts At Hogwarts Castle is magnificent for all ages to see.

While our recent trip, our first family trip, to Universal Studios Hollywood we were privileged to catch a preview of the new show. All Opinions are my own, thank you Universal for the experience.
Step into Hogsmeade and walk into a whole world of Wizarding adventures....
I was in awe watching not only what was happening right in front of my eyes that seemed like reality but also listening to my kids ask if the Castle would be okay cause we could see the inside!
We've seen a few videos on YouTube and they just don't do justice to seeing something like this in person. I can not rave enough about the reality you think you are seeing while the lights and even drones used captive you in those 7.5 minutes of the show.

If anyone is sensitive to loud noises, bright lights or effects be aware to see a video on line and prep for any special needs. There is closer up viewing and further back so that may help too
Inside Hogsmead it is really as if you were on set walking the streets and ready to shop for your wand, pet, sweets and robe.

Around Hogsmeade
Ready to board the Hogwarts Express... must do photo stop.

Everything  about the Wizarding World is just potterhead amazing. One could get lost in the shops for hours and come out with many things from wands to chocolate frogs. A must right.
There's two rides,  a roller coaster that is pleasantly smooth and fun for the whole family and of course one inside the castle.

Keep an eye out in line and on the ride for special effects that bring you right into the movie as you remember it!

Everything about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is so cool there is just no other way to say it. We loved it!!
Ideally we would have loved one more hour to brows around and look at all the fine details but more of a reason not return.
There is a lot to see and so we could have spent the whole day there really.

My husband and I already want to return on a date day and visit a few places we thought would be fun to relax and soak in slowly with out the kids wanting to see more so quickly. Date goals right!

The “Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle” will illuminate Hogwarts castle and “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” nightly from April 13 – 28 at Universal Studios Hollywood then returns from May 25 – 27.
For some of our video and photos from our preview please check here on Instagram and here on Facebook.

We hope you get to enjoy the entertainment of Universal Studios Hollywood soon too and do not miss out on spending some time exploring the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter... you won't want to leave.
For more information on visiting Universal Studios Hollywood visit here. 

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