Friday, April 19, 2019

We Loved Cheat Day Land... Here Is Why!! Must Visit Pop Up of Summer 2019 #CheatDayLand

Cheat Day Land Is Now Open At The Irvine Spectrum Center

Hello Cheat Day Everything!!
Have you ever sat there thinking today is my cheat day and I want to eat and drink everything valid on a cheat day menu? I have too.

Cheat Day Land was created many a team of pretty fit and love well minded creative that came together and developed the best way to express a Cheat Day in a Land.. pop up of course.

My daughter was so surprised when we showed up, she really didn't know what to expect. Best part for me was seeing her laugh and love life just playing with pop up blow up stand up art display combos!

I mean the reality of the effect, a little dimension and paint can do is so creatively fun... you just want to join in.
Some of my favorite photo opps....
The Rock.. he is my man!
Hello bowl of cereal - looking colorful ad festive!

We just couldn't help ourselves and why should we... their motto is "you deserve it".

We jumped, we posed, we swung on donuts and we even climbed a tower of cheat foods. It was wonderful!

You can see some of our photos and videos on Instagram here and Facebook here.
Cheat Day Land is in a huge location next to Dave & Busters and behind Barnes & Noble at the Irvine Spectrum Center for a limited time.

Treat yourself and your summer with a fun pop up Museum you can totally get into!
More information on tickets and dates with times available here.
You will want to block out at least 1.5 hrs from start to finish.

You aren't rushed and there's so many photos ops you don't want to miss on!

Share on social media with #cheatdayland #cheatday #irvinespectrumcenter and maybe featured on Cheat Day Lands social media too!

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