Saturday, April 13, 2019

Legoland Locks it Up with Officer in Pursuit in 4D! We Loved It... Find Out Why... Open Now #LegolandCA

Officer in Pursuit at Legoland California Officially Opens Today to Everyone!!

Thanks to Legoland California we were able to get a sneak peek during the preview!


We spent the day in the park and kicked off our Spring Break.. yes I know it's late.
Ready to check out the mini movie we eagerly checked in.
The kids were so excited to meet and greet Officer and Hot Dog.. I know, but I'll explain more.


Lots of fun with props and photo ops.
We even got photo bombed by the robbers...  hey now!

Once inside the theater you will notice that there is fair warning that the 4D means well super 4D interactive.

It totally is...
Not to spoil too much but Officer in Pursuit is just that... he has a criminal to catch and he's on a mission to do so.

Put your glasses on and it gets really awesome!
Items fly at you, water seems to splash you at all directions, candy comes at your face, hot dogs go air born and so much more...
We loved every moment of this new mini movie.
What to know and tips...
The movie is about 15 mins long
There is water that comes out and splashes you a bit

Autism / Sensory tips..  
It's very 4D.. as in super funny, items come out of screen towards your face and glasses are to be worn .
There are also random moments of fog, lighting and noises all around.
As needed be prepped. My son did amazingly well and loved every moment. Laughing and waving his hands in the air at the 3D & 4D objects.
We all agreed it was the best interactive 4D experience we've had... loved it.
Get the full deets here.
See some of our coverage here on Instagram!
Everything was awesome today at Legoland and we cant wait to return!

You can celebrate their 20th birthday too... so much to see, do and be part of all summer long...

Plan your summer fun with the water park and Sealife Aquarium and much more here.
Happy family fun! 


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