Monday, June 17, 2019

Secrets of the Deep Pirate's Dinner Adventure New Show! #piratesdinnerca

Pirate's Dinner Adventure Brings Mystery With a Battle of Good VS Evil in Their New Show Secrets Of The Deep

A new show with a lot of twists and tales to follow along with and of course plenty of audience participation!

Thanks to Pirates for having us out for the Secrets Of The Deep preview. All options are my own.
The whole family loved the show. With the classic tale of good versus evil and pirate on pirate combat there is plenty of action to the story line.
A precious jeweled necklace that can bring on a curse, a mermaid with magical abilities & aerial talents, a fight between the heart and the pirate code... so much more.
Secrets Of The Deep brings a new twist to things when the pirates divide but that doesn't stop the action it just intensifies it.
Plenty of good while you cheer on and even partake in the show. Catch some of my video and posts from the show in Instagram here.
So much fun and don't forget as we always mention, catch the pre show and arrive early to look around and get appetizers, the first 15 minutes of the show really starts in the lobby and it's a fun way for everyone to enter the ship!

Pirate's Dinner Adventure always has an awesome deal going on too. They seem to love giving the best price for value, in our opinion, on dinner and a show.
The entertainment if perfect for date night, a team building event, kids trip and of course family night. Food is served just as the action begins so that you can enjoy it all!

I really think what I love most is how many people from the audience really get to be in the show.
It also never ceases to amaze me on how the cast is so keen to the kids needs or special needs.

As I've said in previous Pirate's Dinner Adventure post, they are so amazingly good to my son who is in the autism spectrum, explaining what they want him to do, showing him and helping him be a successful part of their crew when it's time.

My heart is always full and once again ahoy to the Capitan and his mighty awesome crew of fierce yet friendly pirates.
If you have dietary specifics, let them know, I have yet to need something they couldn't accommodate and they rock at figuring it out whatever IT may be. You can also bring in special needs snacks or food that your kiddo or family member may need.

Just ask for the help and they will be helpful.
So many reasons why we love Pirates and my kids ask to go back a lot... it's really a great night out from pre show to the end. They do put a lot of effort into their team so the team can be the best Pirate crew for you.
After the show don't forget to snag your pic with your favorites... we have a few and they know who they are.
More information on discounts here and sign up for their emails for more deals here.
Get a peek at the new show here.

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