Monday, September 9, 2019

Best Tween Birthday Visit Plus Jurassic World Ride Review at Universal Studios Hollywood - A Must Visit Experience #JurassicWorldHollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood for the Birthday Win - Plus a Glimpse Inside Jurassic World!

A few weeks ago we celebrated my daughters birthday at Universal Studios Hollywood.
Now that the kids are in love with Universal Studios it makes the visit so fun as a family.

Thank you to Universal Studios Hollywood for the birthday tickets and visit, we had a blast. All opinions are my own.
We like to grab a studio map when we arrive. This helps us navigate the rides, attractions, shows, meet and greets & more.
Of course all four of us wanted to rush over to Jurassic World the Ride and experience the thrill of the movies coming to life.

My tween was having so much fun interacting with the baby Raptor and watching Blue snap over at the encounter area of the lower lot.
I am not even kidding when I say that we all felt like the reality of Dinos possibly walking among us was really happening... so life like!!!

Time to ride....

First time riding for us all and we loved it. I don't want to give much away but there is an element of surprise around each turn and view.

My kids did not know from what side or angle there would be a surprise coming at them or something to startle them.

I myself was caught off guard a few times and even let out a scream.
We really liked that the end of the ride was a bit splash... you can see my video on youtube here.

It was really exciting and we felt like Universal Studios did an awesome job of making us feel like we were there and it was real.
Can.not.wait. to ride again!
Journey to the rest of Universal Studios Hollywood...
So it is no secret that we have our favorites, each of us, has a different favorite. Yup!
So that means we ride it all and see it all.
This visit we were really privileged to some surprises. When we arrived and told one of the awesome team members that is wax my daughters birthday they said for us to wait for a birthday button.
We did... and while it took a while we didn't really care since it was so nice of him to make the effort to go find a button!
When he returned he said thanks for waiting and offered us two front of line type passes to use for the day. Wait, what?! So kind!!

Everyone's favorites from this visit...

Jurassic World the Ride, Minion Mayhem, The Simpson's Ride & Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.

Family Favorite each visit, the Studio Tram Tour, I know but we love it day and night. Watch our Tram Tour here.
We did all but two shows this time, we loved the Animal Actors and Kung Fu Panda Adventure but we have yet to experience Water World & The Walking Dead.

Tips for a great visit...
We've talked about autism friendly assistance pass and the family center but I also wanted to highlight a few other things.
The child switch is a great help for rides and attractions that need to split the family up for littles.
There are family restrooms so that everyone can stay together as needed. Also helps with special needs.
There are single rider options on some attractions when available.
And again.. the family center has quiet rooms for guests with autism spectrum disorder, nursing rooms and companion restrooms. Also the vending machine has everything a parent may need on the go.
Arrive early for the shows. Wizarding World is a must and there is so much to see so give yourself a bit of time here too.

Thank you Universal Studios Hollywood for the amazing customer service, thrilling rides and captivating shows.
We love it all and enjoy each visit. We are always looking forward to returning so much so that we are going to look into the annual pass soon.
Such a deal and affordable for a year long of fun. Here are deets.
Also coming up soon is Universal Studios Hollywood Horror Nights. While I have never been but hope to go one day, I am always sharing the latest news on mazes, scream and scenes to come from this years haunts.
Visit Universal City Walk on the way out for a VooDoo tasty treat too...

Happy Fall and plan your visit to Universal Studios Hollywood with times and much more here.

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