Friday, January 24, 2020

Autism, Picky Eating, Diabetes Scare, Visitng CHOC E.R. & Following my Mama Instinct all in a Weekend...

We had to take our son to CHOC last Saturday.

Let me back up to the week leading up.

Last Thursday through Sunday we were in Idyllwild for family time and Silverlakes Norco for soccer. 

Everything all weekend went well, we had a lot of fun exploring the winter snow a bit, winning a championship at the soccer field and getting ready for the week.

I noticed Mikey was saying he was a bit more tired than usual, he seemed to want to rest a bit more than hike or play and that's not like him at all when were outdoors.

I made note cause I know my boy very well. Since he does have his quirks and sensory things here and there he's pretty easy to read and his communication is getting a lot better with verbalizing what's going on. 

After we returned I noticed on Monday and Tuesday he was still saying he was itchy here and there but with no signs of why he would be visible to the eye on the skin. He also by Tuesday started to drink a lot of water and by a lot I mean like double what he was normally drinking.

Wednesday morning rolled around and he had an accident during the night. Wednesday he seemed to urinate more and drink a lot. Still saying he was itchy. 

Wednesday after school he said his ear was bothering him. I called the doctor, meanwhile no raised pulse or fever. They could not see him until Friday late, so I pulled him from school early and went to urgent care. The Dr. said that his left ear was infected and could have been causing him to be off and feeling this way. She prescribed antibiotics and sent us on our way.

Mikey started to tell me his hands and feet were tingly and sleepy. That raised flags for me. He also said his eyes were watery and when I asked him if his vision was blurry or fuzzy he said yes. Sometimes it's hard to tell what he may be wanting to express with the communicating. I have to draw out info and ask for details often with my little love.

Of course its Friday night and our pediatrician is now closed and when I google, I know but the symptoms were worrying me, it came up... signs of diabetes. 

Because we do have diabetes in our family history and because my son is such a picky eater that I can tell you all 15 to 20 things he eats, yes we've done feeding therapy in the past and are re visiting that, I was worried.

I called CHOC and decided I would take him into the ER in the morning. That way it would be fasting and they would be able to run some tests as needed fasting and then perhaps after a snack. Again all was fine and no other complaints or elevated symptoms and at this time none of the above was going on at the moment or all night. 

I had him sleep with us and we watched him but he slept as normal as he usually does.

I sat, prayed, cried, prayed some more and got up early to take him to CHOC.

Mikey was a bit overwhelmed with the babies in the ER..lots of littles, I mean tiny babies, were waiting to be seen and more came in after us. There is definitely influenza, flu and more going around. 

He said mom these babies are so cute but so loud for my ears. Sensory overload. 

A nurse noticed and kindly took us to a room where Mikey was able to pee in the cup, watch some COCO on TV and wait patiently. 

He was so brave when they took his blood for the hemoglobin and prick for the sugar levels. He didn't like it and was upset for a few minutes but was laughing at Miguelito in COCO pretty quickly. My sweet boy. I love this kid so much. We've been through so much and he was so scared... telling me he didn't want to "go R.I.P." . I kept reassuring him it would be okay, we were there for help and the Dr. would do just that. 

The Dr. came back after a bit and said all the signs of symptoms worried her too but that all his levels and and urine as well as his exam came back just fine. 

She did however say that is anything persists to continue to pursue tests and checking into it all. 

He hugged her and the nurse gave them a kiss, I know he just does that out of gratitude, they hugged him back and took him to see if he wanted a snack from the cabinet.

He didn't. Hmm I looked at the Dr... she was not done talking to Mikey so I'm glad she said to him what she did next. 

She told him that he needed to try new foods, be brave and take baby steps to get to proteins like meats and leafy greens so that he could stay healthy. 

She let him know one of his tests came back showing he was slight anemic and that meant he needed to give his body a few things it was craving and wanting to be healthy like meat and leafy greens.

She let him know that he was scared because he didn't want anything to happen and if he can try new foods that can help his stay healthy and well. 

Dr. eased my anxiety as well and told me that I did exactly what I should have done with what was presented and how I know my son best. Thank you for those words.

We reviewed what feeding therapy we attempted in the past when he was ages 4 to 6 and she said told Mikey.. now that your eight years old it's time to try again so that you can eat what your body needs. 

He said he would try. That's where we are at. 

We are going to revisit feeding now that he clearly understands what's going on, can communicate much better, has more maturity and willingness to not return to the Hospital. 

It hurt my heart to see him sad, scared and worried but it has also been so difficult to get him to try new foods and things to eat. He is so picky and had baffled all the feeding therapy we have done with mixed textures and no rhyme to reason of his behavioral picky eating. Sensory and behavior that maybe he is mature enough to want to overcome little by little now. 

That is my prayer for this. That he is mature enough to understand the need for him to try new foods and try to overcome, slowly as he needs, the sensory and picky eating. 

I pray for mind over matter for my boy to try foods I know he will love so much. 

The last 24 hrs he has not had any of the symptoms he had for 4 to 5 days that gradually went from random to daily. 

He has his usual energy! 

I am taking notes, yes I'm so like that and keeping tabs on him and we are working on the goals of eating stat. 

I hope one day he is the foodie the rest of us are! But I just want him to be healthy. He likes the most random things like green juice most people don't like, he just need more variety to his diet. 

If there are signs of anything your gut tells you to be aware of or address.. just do it.. never know and better to be safe. 

With Mikey I am always on the side of caution. 

Thanks CHOC for the help & awesome comfort. Thanks for reading and have a great week!

**updates** By Tuesday Morning.

I think it all scared Mikey a bit. 

He has willingly tried a few pretzels, cheerios, fruit loops and said he would try pizza this week when I said he used to love pizza after the pool or playing outside for hours.

This would be amazing if he expanded food options for health, nutrition and not going to lie.. for traveling and going to new places that have foods he may eat!

We will see... keep your prayers and positive vibes coming out way please and thank you kindly! 

Have a super weekend!


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