Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Learn, Play, Laugh & Much More at Discovery Cube OC Winter Wonderfest

Winter Wonderfest at +DiscoveryCubeOC . has everything Snow for your family to enjoy in OC!

Last weekend we were privileged to attend the preview of Winter Wonderfest at the Discovery Cube OC
There is so much to do inside the Discovery Cube itself, but then add in all the Snow Play, Sledding and crafting, I totally thought it would be sensory overload for my 4yo.  I was wrong!
The snow play area is fenced in and there is staff at every angle ready to help. My kids wanted to brave the 70 foot ice slide and loved racing down at full speed. 
As you can see, so did my husband, yes big kids up to 230lbs are able to take a ride too. 

For those that are not as brave as some dare devils, there are also mini slides for 5 and up as well as a small sloped slide for under 5. 

There are a lot of the play toys that keep kids busy, leaving some like mine, never wanting to leave the fresh snow play spot next to the smaller sledding slide. 

To entice the kids to head inside, after almost 1.5hrs of winter fun, we decided to tell them they would be able to check out the new Hot Wheels exhibit as well as the Science of Gingerbread!

Hot Wheels was up first and let me tell you how lost every boy and girl, young and old, can get lost playing for hours in the best way. My son was creating ramps and races, dropping cars from over 6 feet tall and my daughter was building race tracks with her girl friends right next to the boys and were racing on their own made up tracks. It was so fun! My son did not want to leave and had a little bit of a hard time disconnecting but we got his re focused on the "Going into the Gingerbread House" that we got him to walk away. 
We were all excited to check out the Science of Gingerbread. Here the kids are able to select sweets to be added to crackers to build a race car to race until the wheels fall off or it gets eaten piece by piece, both of which happened to us.
Hahaa! So much Fun. We also loved seeing the Science of Gingerbread - Kitchen Chemistry Learning Station, where a Scientist full of knowledge was working with baking for season treats! So very cool to see and have explained to the kids. 

A must see while at Winter Wonderfest , aside from the fun snow play, the Rocket Launch! It was our first time seeing the Rocket Launch and we all thought it was a very awesome experience. 

What I loved most? Everything - There really is something for everyone and the best part is that you can stay and play inside the Cube. I also have to give a shout out to the team, staff, volunteer students and the Cube in general since everyone was amazingly sweet, helpful and patient with my son who is on the spectrum! 

My daughter always has a great time, but when I can walk away saying my son not only had fun but was treated with patience and understanding since he lacks that, I am one pleased mama. Thank you Discovery Cube OC for that in your whole team. 
Grateful to this staff member, who allowed Mikey to ride over and over again,
helping him each step of his excited little way!
Did you know that you can also see Santa? He is located near the life size Gingerbread House ready for pictures and smiles. 

Play, learn, throw snow, sled and so much more waits for you at Winter Wonderfest opening THIS WEEKEND until January 3rd 2016!

Are you interested in annual passes to Discovery Cube OC? What a perfect Holiday Gift that would be for family or friends. Get all the info on that here!

Thank you Discovery Cube OC for an amazing day! My babies smiling for hours indoors and outdoors on a beautiful day was just perfect family time.

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