Monday, November 14, 2016

ODYSSEO Back by Popular Demand Returns to Irvine November 16th DISCOUNT CODE

The Beauty and Finesse of Odysseo's Performance Returns to Irvine

I can not tell you how excited I am over the return of this amazing show. 

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Last time Odysseo was here in So Cal I was able to take my daughter, niece and father to see the pairing between equestrian and performers come to life. 

It is hands down the most captivating performance I have ever seen. The live music is powerful to each step the horses take. The direction of movement and precise timing each rider has with their paired horse is breathtaking to see live. 

This November Cavalia brings Odysseo back to Orange County for another run. The show's opening night is November 16th and with many dates already filled up, get your tickets fast, so you do not miss out. 

Last week I had the opportunity to go behind the scenes and welcome not only the remaining 25 beautiful horses back from their San Diego sandy beach vacation, but I was honored to see 25 Veterans walk these large beauties down the red carpet with pride beaming all around. 

It was an honor to be there to support our Veterans on the eve of Veteran's day and on the Birthday of the Marine Corp. See the horses gently guided down the red carpet by our Veterans was peaceful and gave me chills. 

Once the horses were walked out we were privileged to see a showcase of training. This type of training is called Liberty Training and it is amazing to see being done. The horses are trained with voice and body movements and not with restraints. 

It was so touching to see the care and love that goes hand in hand from horse to handler. Each has a personality of their own but so do we all and that's the best part! To see each horse and the trainer/riders passion for the animal really gave me the biggest smile. 

Check out my recap on YouTube!

You can see a video of the Liberty Training here on my facebook page. 

We were also able to visit the stables where the horses are groomed, rested and cared for. It is so nice to see the horses to happy and just looking for their riders to hug, scratch and love on them. 

It was such a wonderful morning welcoming back Odysseo to Irvine! Seriously my most favorite performance ever!

Great job on how dialed everything is Odysseo. You make things look so easy for such an intricate job to get done for us all to enjoy!

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See all the deets on the show itself here!

Follow along on social media with hashtag #Odysseo and #OdysseoOC 

Hope you get a chance to see the show - let me know what you think!

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